Green Percale Background Creates Effect of Water

October 24, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Quilt Club Corner column including a list of Quilt Club members and letters from Quilt Club members.
Fish Quilt From Indiana at Show
Inset shows Mrs. Ada B. Chilton who has made three original quilts which have been shown at The Detroit news quilt shows. This is the third, the second being of butterflies and flowers and the first of birds on a gray blue background- each bird being of an individual design.
Green Percale Background Creates Effect of Water

By Edith B. Crumb

Last year, Mrs. Ada B. Chilton 415 W Gilmore street, Angola, Ind. Sent a bird quilt to the Detroit News quilt show. And because it created so much interest and there were so many requests to have it in the show again this year, Mrs. Chilton was kind enough to send it to us.

With the bird she sent one with flowers and butterflies on it and also a fish quilt which is shown in the accompanying illustration. Some time ago the flower and butterfly quilt was shown in this column.

All three of the quilts were hung on the same rack at the show and there was usually a crowd about them, for they proved to be very interesting.

The background of the fish quilt was green and white sprigged percale that gave the effect of water and the fish were in brown and orange percale, this material having an orange polka dot that was so placed as to represent the eye of the fish. The fins were of orange and white patterned percale that and the effect of the little sections which form the fins.

Mrs. Chilton must have searched for weeks to find just the right materials for this quilt. She says that it is sometimes moths before she finds just what she wants for a section of the quilt and rather than spoil the general effect by an incorrect detail she will wait for a long time for a mere scrap- something that perhaps we might throw away.

The border of the quilt is formed of sail boats; and between each group of fish there is a small sail boat created by quilting rather than piecework or applique.

The entire background of the quilt is closely quilted so as to create the effect of rippled water.

We think that Mrs. Chilton was very kind to allow her quilts to be sent here, considering the fact that she was not able to attend.

There was a visitor from Indiana, however, Mrs. Alice Marks of Huntington came to the show Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Marks is totally blind, made two quilts for the show and considers quilt-making as one of her chief occupations.

We hope that Mrs. Marks enjoyed her visit to the show and we know that everyone who met her and talked ...(clipping cut-off)

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Anna Carrington,
2405 Crane Avenue.

Mrs. C. E. Carson,
Route No. 1 box 238,
Richmond, Mich.

Mrs. H. Cole,
15893 Sussex avenue,
Kent, Ohio.

Mrs. Harry A. Emme,
12661 Filbert avenue.

Mrs. E. G. Faulkner,
Box 68,
Ecorse, Mich.

Mrs. G. T. Lind,
5426 Fischer avenue.

Mrs. L. Marzoif,
3138 Philips avenue,
Berkley, Mich.

Mrs. Harriet E. Miller,
3700 Trumbull avenue.

Genevieve Schaldach,
1669 Harry avenue,
Ferndale, Mich.

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.
Alice Lane; 6119.43.51

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