Meena Schaldenbrand


  Plymouth, Michigan, United States    

Meena Schaldenbrand is an art quilter who has quilts in the collection of the Michigan State University Museum.
Meena Schaldenbrand is a Michigan fiber artist who is an avid and enthusiastic quilter since 1981 and has exhibited quilts in the Americas in many venues including the National Quilt Museum, The Library of Congress, Westpoint and many others as well as Europe and Asia. Her body of work includes quilts that tell many cultural stories as well as events and innovations of the decades of the twentieth and twenty first century as well as landscapes and portraits. Meena has made more than 400 quilts. She loves using lots of embellishments and stitching with metals on the sewing machine, hand embroidery as well as designing quilts on the computer. Parts of the digital quilts are sometimes printed on fabric or cut with an electronic cutter. Some of her quilts, mosaics and art are at

Schaldenbrand's quilts have been featured in the exhibit, Quilts and Human Rights, and the accompanying book and have been accessioned in the Michigan State University Muesum's collection.

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Where was the quiltmaker born?


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Age 20-29

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Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

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more than 50

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