Dear Mrs. Gasperik:-

September 11, 1940
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
United States
A letter from Mrs. O. Kansier including a Snow White pattern tracing.
Detroit, Mich.
Sept. 11, ‘40

Dear Mrs. Gasperik:-
Received you letter a long time ago, also the pattern of the Bohemian girl. Many thanks for it.

Am sorry to have kept you waiting for the Snow White Pattern, but as it could not be gotten in N.Y. I knew a friend who also had it and was not going to use it, and she told me she would give it to me for you. But after waiting and asking her so often I thought it best not to ask her anymore. So now I traced my pattern for you. Of course with a new pattern it is easier just to use the hot iron, but I guess you can use the tracing method too.

It is so cold tonite that we made a fire. The summer just flew this year. Am so glad the children are back in school. I have 2 in high school and one in the 4th grade. My oldest son works.

Now with the cold weather coming it keeps one home more, and I just love to get at my sewing again.

Will close now and hope some day to see you again.
Very truly yours,
Mrs. O. Kansier.

I put the dwarfs in 1 block to make 9 blocks in all.

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