Rock River Cotton Company

October 18, 1938
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States
A letter congratulating Mary Gasperik on a prize winning quilt.
Rock River Cotton Company
Manufacturers of Cotton Batting
Janesville, Wisconsin
October 18, 1938.
Dear Madam:

We wish to congratulate your success in being awarded second prize in the recent Detroit News Quilt Show.

As we are cotton batt manufacturers known for manufacturing the finest China quilt batts for quilt making we are forwarding under separate cover a present of our Two Star China Batt in size sheet 84x108 which is used by the finest quilters in the country.

If you have not used out batts we hope you try the Two Star in your next quilt.

Rock River’s raw cotton is handled many times to guarantee complete cleanliness and made into batts by the carded process in many fine layers to assure a uniform thickness. The carded process only, prepares the cotton for fine needle work and the fourteen stitches per inch that is the finest of quilting.

The winner of the first and second prize for quilts not of new pattern both used our China Quilt Batts in their prize quilts.

In Chicago our batts can be purchased at all the down town department stores, on the South Side at Frank’s on 79th and Halstead, the Wiebolt Store on 63rd Street, The Peoples Store on Michigan Avenue, Roseland or the Eagle Store in Harvey, Illinois.

We would be interested in having the name of the cotton batt in your prize quilt.

Yours Truly,
Joseph R. Hare.

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