Dear Mrs. Gasperik -

September 17, 1960
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Bloomington, Illinois, United States
A request for quilting advice.
Sept. 17, 1960

Dear Mrs. Gasparick [Gasperik] – I have wanted to write you ever since seeing your (2) gorgeous quilts at the Springfield Fair. We attend there most every year + some others + always make an effort to see any quilts shown any place. We enjoy all needle work so very much, but the Masterpieces like your quilts are indescribable. I can only say those (2) were the most exquisite + perfectly quilted quilts I’ve ever seen in all my life.

What a treat to have seen them opened up. I have enclosed a stamped envelope, hoping you might answer a few questions for me. Do you every buy your quilt tops already stamped like the ones of Bucilla patterns? If you don’t buy them stamped do you draw + design your own? And how do you ever get such perfection quilting lines + designs made for the quilting?

We have only made 3 quilts of the most simple kind + a very few pieces of needle point. So you can see, such work of art as yours gives reasons for questions, that I hope you don’t mind + would ans.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Herbert Garling
2001 E. Oakland Ave.
Bloomington, Ill.
Phone 8222165

P.S. You would never consider selling the red trimmed one I suppose.

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