Playtime Crib Quilt No. 7069

Mary Gasperik Legacy Project
United States
A crib quilt kit.
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"Playtime" Crib Quilt No. 7069

Instructions for Working and Making
Material for Embroidery Included.

Cut all the appliques on dotted lines, turn on solid lines except where another piece overlaps. Sew to corresponding number on quilt with thread to match. Sew on binding on inside ribbon lines. Embroider as follows:
DOLL - Lines in dress - Blue - 6 strands
Lines in pettycoat - White - 6 strands
Lines in sash and hair - Yellow - 6 strands
Lines in ribbon - Blue - 6 strands
Mouth - Solid Red - 2 strands
Eyes - Blue - 2 strands
Face and Hands - Black - 2 strands
Teapot handle - Black - 6 strands
All stems - Green - 6 strands
Ducks eyes - Black and White solid - 3 strands

When finished press well and prepare for quilting. Place lining on frame, cover with layer of cotton, put top in place and fasten well around the edges. Quilt with a small running stitche around each applique and on all dotted lines with No. 50 thread. When finished remove from frame - cut 1/4" from outer stamped line and finish with bias binding.

Materials Required
Cotton for Padding
Lining 36" x 54"

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