Star Arcturus Pattern Block

Mary Gasperik Legacy Project
Chicago, Illinois, United States
The penciled block with attached fabric swatches identical to the original quilt shown here was likely sent by Gasperik to a Detroit News quilt club member (Emma Zawatski, Sturgis, Michigan) who requested a pattern when she saw this quilt at a Detroit quilt show.

Mary Gasperik sent a total of three pattern tracings of this quilt's border and two blocks (the Star and the five-star block) with attached fabrics to Emma Zawatski in Sturgis, Michigan, another quilter she met through the Detroit News column. Susan Salser purchased the tracings at an online auction site in November 2007. She later found Zawatski's name on an invitation list Mary Gasperik had compiled for her 50th wedding anniversary. These tracings show that Gasperik may have shared her own designs with others at an early stage of her quilting career.

Date based on Nancy Cabot quilt pattern by the same name published on Oct 22, 1933 in the Chicago Tribune.

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