"The Farm" Design

Mary Gasperik Legacy Project
Chicago, Illinois, United States
A 3 page printed pattern for the quilt, "The Farm" Design by Paragon Art & Linen Co.
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Junior Quilt 01013
"The Farm" Design
Stamped on fine quality white sheeting with colored percale and white flannel appliques. Direction chart for embroidery enclosed.

Reg. U.S. PAT. OFF.
Instructions for Embroidering
Cut out applique on cutting line, fold on the dotted line and baste in place according to numbers. Sew around edges with a small hemming stitch with matching thread. When all appliques are sewed in place, the embroidery is added.
Lines - Outline stitch. Shirt sleeve in Royal Blue (one strand).
Train smoke and weather vane, Royal Blue (two strands).
On blue hat, Navy Blue (one strand).
Two yellow hats and farmer's nose, Dk. Brown (one strand).
Between cars, water lines, pail handels, stool, line under house and trees, in Jade Green (two strands).
Line at corner of house and fishing poles in Dk. Purple (one strand).
Oarlock - Jade green (one strand).
Mouth on three farmers, Med. Scarlett (one strand).
Straw in farmer's mouth, Dk. Yellow (one strand)
Rooster and chicken's legs, in Med. Orange (two strands).
Turkey's legs in Med. Orange (one strand).

Short lines on straw - Straight stitches, Dk. Yellow (two strands).

Short line for nose - Straight stitch, Dk. Purple (two strands).

Eyes - Solid stitch, the four people, frog and cow, in Dk. Purple. Three fish, Med. Yellow. Turkey, rooster and chicken, Med.Orange (two strands).

Bills on turkey, rooster, chicken and buttons on man's shirt - Solid stitch in Med. Orange (two strands).

Buttons on Woman's dress - Solid stitch, Dk. Yellow (two strands).

Mouth of woman, farmer's pipe and chickens - Solid stitch in Med. Scarlett (two strands).

Pumpkin stems - Solid stitch in Jade Green (two strands).

To finish edge, cut 1/4 inch away from last stamped line. Sew banding, top and back together so that the seam is on the inside.

Turn up banding and baste in place, then sew with a small hemming stitch.

"Peri-Lusta" Filo (six strand) Art. 2
one skein each:
Med. Scarlet No. 246
Dk. Purple No. 499A
Dk. Brown No. 409B
Med. Orange No. 464
Dk. Yellow No. 154
Jade Green No. 906
Navy Blue No. 10
Royal Blue No. 160

Printed in U.S.A.

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How to Launder Embroideries Properly
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A few popular EMBROIDERY STITCHES easily attained with "PERI-LUSTA"
Copytrighted 1937 by Paragon Art & Linen Co., 11 East 26th Street, New York City
Made in U.S.A.

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