News Quilt Club Corner Has Record Attendance

October 21, 1939
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner Column including a recent quilt club meeting with high attendance.
News Quilt Club Corner Has Record Attendance
By Edith B. Crumb
The fall session for the quilters started out with enthusiasm yesterday. Attendance at the Quilt Club Corner meeting was about double the usual number and the good old custom of exchanging patches and monograming friendship blocks was going on at a great rate.

Quilt-makers who became new member are Mrs. Agnes Mallouch 553 Manistique Avenue Mrs. John Binsfield 1824 Hampton Rose, Grosse Pointe Woods (Mrs. Mallouch's daughter) Mrs. Wm Ross 2669 Malborough Avenue, and Mrs. Roy Fringer 12939 Devoe Avenue, Wyandotte.

Mrs. Anna Dupure brought a pair of appliqued pillow slips and two handed crochet hot pan holders for the Nancy Belle's bazaar.

This seems to be bazaar season. Next Tuesday members of the Women's Association of Bushnell Congregation Church Southfield and Grand River avenues will hold a tea and exhibit from 1:30 to 8:30 pm. This exhibit will include quilts, embroidered articles, laces, crocheted spreads, needle point and antiques.

Mrs. Fred Bollens is chairman of a committee of 10 which represents the 175 members are from North and South Rosedale Park and Grandmont sections.

Next Friday the women of St. Marks Church, East Jefferson at Garland Avenue will hold their fall fair. Mrs. H.A. Dorman is chairman of the fair, which will open at noon and last until 10 p.m. Luncheon and dinner will be served.
Fruit and flower arrangements, canned goods, baked goods, embroideries, laces, quilts and hooked rugs will be included. The young people are planning a hobby corner and there will be shuffle board and checkers for the men.

Yesterday we had a quilt exhibit of our own at the Quilt Club Corner meeting. There was only one quilt but there was enough work on it to make three or four, for it was the one which Mrs. Charles Voelker copied from a museum piece.

Cornerites Birthdays
October 26
Mrs. Alice Mootts R.F.D. No. 2 West Liberty Ohio (c/o Mrs. Williams)
Mrs. John Virley 19151 Grandview Avenue Detroit
Mrs. R Neale R.F.D. No. 1 Gibsonia, Pa

October 27
Mrs. Sylvia Richards, Roger City, Mich.

October 28
Marian King Rush Lake, Pinckney, Mich.
Mrs. Elva Barrie 1730 Bennett St Flint, Mich.
Mrs. L.W. Simpson 22120 Edison Avenue, Dearborn

October 29
Mrs. Allen Keller 4887 Lakepoint Avenue Detroit
Mrs. Douglas Thomas 10272 Nardin Avenue, Detroit

October 30
Mrs. Charlotte Bullion 14841 Maple Ridge Avenue Detroit
Mrs. Mina Schultheir 501 E Siblty Street Howell, Mich.
Mrs. C.E. Grist 8160 Chalfonte Avenue, Detroit

October 31
Mrs. Margaret E Storey 245 E Buena Vista Avenue Detroit
Jane Wisner 11671 Meansfield Avenue Detroit (15 years old)
Mrs. P Foran 1312 Cicotte Street Lincoln Park Mich.
Mrs. Grace Parker 5057 Allendale Avenue Detroit
Mrs. Ida Weinhold 12272 Littlefield avenue
Mrs. Beulah Bauman 14244 Chelsea Avenue, Detroit

November 1
Mrs. Mary A Pebley 2400 W Grand Blvd Detroit
Miss Edith Duncan R No. 2 Willis, Mich.
Mrs. John Seewald Jr. 2720 W Jefferson Avenue Trenton, Mich.

​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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