Needle for Defense

December 11, 1941
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Announcement of the Needles for Defense column and club.
Needle for Defense
Women Plan to Enroll Workers

At the invitation of Miss Edith Crumb, Detroit News Quilt Club Editor and Quilt Club as well as several other representative Detroit women, and yesterday to discuss plans for the organization of The Detroit News Needles for Defense- A club for al Detroit women interested in working for American members will be invited to join the new organization for the duration of those at yesterdays meeting, were left to right, Mrs. Charles Voelker, Mrs. Sylvia Carlen, MRs. Harry V Woodhouse, Edith B. Crumb Quilt Club Editor Mrs. Anna Zumbro, Mrs. Eva Schaub and Florence Davies Detroit News Women Editor.

What Can You Do?
We are not in the war? We are all in it- all the way. Every single man, women and child is a partner in the most tremendous undertaking of our American history-President Roosevelt, Tuesday evening, Dec 9.

This is a call to work.

It is a call to every woman, far and near, who will stand behind the lines and use her skill and send comfort and reassurance to the men who defend America.

It is a challenge to every woman who will use her needles for defense- who will sew, or knit, to make articles for sailors in dangerous waters...for soldiers on gaud... for pilots of American planes... for men in army hospitals...and for women and children who are made homeless by enemy bombs.

Need for help for the wounded and homeless in Hawaii and the Philippines-America's outpost's in the Pacific is already apparent.

Yesterday representative member of the Detroit News Quilt Club decide to accept this challenge and to offer this privilege for service to every woman in metropolitan Detroit as well as to all their membership.

To this end they voted to be know for the duration of the war as The Detroit news Needles for Defense Club.

To join the club it is necessary to have been enrolled heretofore in the Quilt Club. It is not necessary to pay dues. Willingness in the Quilt Club. It is not necessary to pay dues. Willingness to help is the only membership fee.

To enroll in The Detroit News Needles for Defense Club, it is necessary only to fill out and mail the coupon on this page- and then to watch these pages for the club's first assignment.

Each task of sewing or knitting presented by the club will follow the official specifications of the American Red Cross. In this way there will be no danger of wasted effort or useless stitches, and every article made will fill a definite need.

Each week one or more work assignments will be given to the members of the club.

To begin with at least, materials cut out and ready to make, will be given to Needles of Defense members who call for them and sign receipts. Accurate directions will be printed for each project on the women's pages of The News.

Every Club member who completes an article will be given the number of work credit hours allowed by the National Red Cross.

The club's first work project will be announced Monday, Dec 15. Members will be enrolled every day from today on. Former Quilt Club members are asked to more that because of the necessity of recording, the type of work preferred, former club enrollments will not be sufficient. Every needle worker, old or new, is asked to fill out the coupon on this page today.

With the replies of members as a guide, work projects for needed articles will be offered for every type of needle worker. Watch for the first project next Monday, and fill out and mail this coupon today.

Needles for Defense
Please enroll my name in the Detroit News Needles for Defense Club

I prefer the following types of work (check one or both)
Sewing... Knitting...
Address Needles for Defense, The Detroit News.

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