Prize Winning Designs: Many Quilt Patterns Never Before Published

Waldvogel Ephemera Collection; Waldvogel Archival Collection
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Aunt Martha Studio's sponsored a a quilt block contest in 1931. In September 1931, this booklet of the prize winning designs was advertised in Midwest newspapers. Each winning block is numbered and identified by pattern name. Most were traditional patterns, but some were original designs. Modernistic Star is featured in the cover illustration. 13 of the winning blocks were chosen to be sold as kits--$3.98(quilt) and $.65 (pillow). The pattern template pieces and instructions for the 13 patterns are included for those who chose to make the quilt "the old fashioned way." At the back of the catalog are numbered quilting designs to order, many of which are also credited to contest entrants. The catalog was distributed through magazines and other organizations, who stamped their names in the open space provided on the catalog's cover. This example carries the name of a farm magazine: Home Friend of Kansas City, MO.
Applique; Piecing

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