Janet E. Finley Collection of Quilt History Photographs

Janet Finley spent a decade acquiring photographs of every day life that had a quilt in them.

-- All images published with permission of the publisher, excerpted from Janet E. Finley, Quilts in EveryDay Life 1855-1955 (Schiffer Publishing, 2012).

Janet Finley combines her two loves, photography and quilting, to create an exceptional collection of vintage photographs that also have a quilt in them. As Exective Director of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (2000-2004), she was introduced to this type of photo by an intern. The intern showed Janet how to purchase the photos on the internet, and 10 years later, she had a collection of almost 1000 photos. Collecting these photos culminated in the publication of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955, A 100 Year Photographic History, by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd in 2012.

Janet generously shares over 200 of these images in this Special Collection.

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