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In 1986 the Arizona Quilt Project was formed by thirteen women in Arizona. Over a two year period, twenty-seven Quilt Discovery Days were held in twenty-six locations throughout the state. A total of 2,774 quilts were documented. The Arizona Quilt Project produced an educational program called Quilt-ED, produced a video Quilts: Pieces of Time, and published the book Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts and their Makers. In 1997 the group deposited all their records into the Library and Archives, Central Arizona Division, Arizona Historical Society.

In 2012 four women, lead by Jan Hackett, and assisted by Lynn Miller, Roberta Bowen, and Shirley Hobbs met to organize the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project.

The Arizona Quilt Documentation Project is dedicated to documenting, collecting and preserving information about quilts and quilt makers of Arizona, past and present. This on-going, state-wide documentation will travel to all parts of Arizona, documenting quilts, quilt makers and their stories.

Goals and Objectives of the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project:
To conduct outreach programs with organizations throughout the state, to promote education and appreciation for quilts, including care and preservation.
To enter all the existing documentation records into the Quilt Index database.
To provide the resources for future museum quality exhibition(s) of the quilts of Arizona that represent the history, traditions and innovations of quilt makers in our state.
To provide the resources for a future publication on quilts and quilt history of Arizona.
Special Thanks and Acknowledgments:
Heritage Quilt Study Group of Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott Arizona

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