Quilt Treasures: Contemporary Quilt Artists

Quiltmakers featured in this gallery are Quilt Treasures interviewees Virginia Avery, Jean Ray Laury, and Yvonne Porcella.  Also included in the gallery is a piece inspired by the quilts of Jinny Beyer.  An artist with a self-described lifelong obsession with fabrics, Virginia Avery is known for both her quilts and her wearable art.  The late freelance designer, quilter, and author, Jean Ray Laury was widely known for her "message quilts" and her creative combinations of graphic arts and fabric techniques.  Artist, author and teacher Yvonne Porcella has moved forward the quilt revival through her cutting edge textile work in weaving, dyeing and quilting as well as through her organizational leadership.  Jinny Beyer is known nationally and internationally as a quilt maker, author, lecturer, and fabric designer.

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