Rebecca Snyder Braham

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Mrs. Rebecca S. Braham 1904 - obituary
Mrs. Rebecca (Snyder) Braham, wife of Hon. W.P. Braham, of Harrisville was called upon to answer death’s summons on Tuesday, December 27, and with the passing out of her life the community was robbed of one whose life had been as a blessing to it. Mrs. Braham was born in July, 1824, and her girlhood was spent near Slippery Rock. On December 11, 1845, she was married to Mr. Braham, since when they had always lived in Butler County, living in Harrisville for about forty years past.

In early life she embraced the Christian faith, and ever since her life had been one of unusual purity and sweetness, her every effort being to live in such a way as would be an honor to that Christianity which she professed, and that the effort was not in vain was shown by the unwavering assurance with which she awaited the final end. For many years she had been a member of and a faithful attendant in the Presbyterian church of this place, but a few months ago had her membership transferred to Harrisville.
In her home life and her relations with those outside the family circle the same sweet nature which made her spiritual life one of such beauty was shown in every act, and none knew her but to love her. A kind, gentle and loving mother, a true “wife” in the highest sense of the word, a sympathizing and accommodating friend, unselfish, true, loyal, loving, her loss is indeed great to her family and friends, and many a tear will be shed over her taking away, even though such a change is but the step into a higher and more happy existence.
Her husband, aged 81 years, survives her, as do also the following children, all of whom were present at her bedside before death excepting Mrs. Davis, who did not arrive until Friday on account of delay by storm. Mary A., wife of W.H. Orr, Harrisville; Mrs. Sarah J., wife of Dr. D.J. Washabaugh, of this place; D. Luther Braham, of Harrisville, Belle H. wife of Dr. Davis, of Akeley, Minn.; Rebecca, wife of W.E. Brown of Harrisville; Ida M. wife of J.R. Black, of Mt. Pleasant. Twenty-six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren also survive her, as do the following brothers and sisters: Jonathon Snyder, of Liberty township; Mrs. Deborah Shaner of McKeesport; Hiram Snyder of Eureka, Neb.
The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church of Harrisville on Saturday, conducted by Rev. Kaufmann of Harrisville, and her former pastor, Dr. McConkey, of this place, the latter preaching the funeral sermon. Her grandsons acted as pall bearers and the remains were interred in the Harrisville cemetary.

Statesman of old school passes away at Harrisville home    August 27, 1907   - obituary
Hon. William P. Braham of Harrisville, one of the most prominent of the old school of Butler county statesman, died at the home of his dauther, Mrs. J.B. Black, Tuesday morning, after an illness of a week. Mr. Braham, who was 84 years old, had been suffering from a complication of diseases incident to old age for some time although his illness of a serious nature lasted but seven days.
Mr. Braham was for a quarter of a century conspicuous in public affairs in Butler county. In 1881 he was elected to the state legislature as a Republican and served two terms with special credit to himself and his county. His political career was marked by independence of action in party affairs. When a United States Senator was elected in 1881 Mr. Braham refused to stand by the choice of his party and declined to enter the caucus which declared for Simon Cameron. Mr. Braham joined with 53 other Republican representatives and senators in opposition to Mr. Cameron. No amount of argument could move Mr. Braham who change his opinion that he was acting for the best interests of the part and the people. Although his colleagues in the house from this county and the state senator from the district were from Cameron. Braham stood firmly against him. For this action he was endorsed by the people of the county and was returned to the legislature by a substantial majority.
After his service in the house Mr. Braham did not aspire to public preferment but for many years was prominent in Republican counsels. He was a farmer by occupation and had a large knowledge of affairs which equipped him for public service and his advice was often sought by the party leaders.
Mr. Braham was born in Lawrence county and moved to Butler county,
Rebecca Snyder Braham was the aunt of Dr. Jonathan Le Moyne Snyder, President of Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) from 1896-1915. Dr. Snyder’s father, Hiram, was Rebecca’s brother.
Hiram Snyder   1917  obituary
Hiram Snyder, for many years a resident of Slippery Rock township, died at Hayn Cenre, Neb. On May 24, in the 90th year of his life. He was buried at Council Bluff, Iowa, beside his wife, Eliza Braham Snyder, who passed twenty-two years ago. They reared a large family, ten of whom are still living…. all except the Rev. H.R. Syhder, Pacific Grove, Cal., were present at the internment. Five sons and a son-in-law served as pall bearers: S.B. Snyder, formerly district attorney of Butler county, and for the past thirty years an attorney and judge of Council Bluff, Iowa; Dr. M.B. Snyder, now mayor of the same city; J.L. Snyder, former superintendent of schools of Butler county and at present President Emeritus of the Michigan Agricultural College; H.B. Snyder, a farmer in Palisade, Neb.; W.P. Snyder, Superintendent of the Agricultural Experiment Station , North Platte, Neb., and the Rev. W.H. Schofield, Firth, Neb. There were present also his four daughters, Mrs. Loraine Schofield, Miss Alzina Snyder, a teacher in the Central high school, Minneapolis; Miss Bessie J. Snyder, head of the Latin department of the Omaha high school and Mrs. Viola Posson, Hayn Center, Neb., with whom Mr. Snyder made his home during the past few years.
Mr. Snyder’s life work was the rearing of a family. He farmed as the means of living and paying expenses. His life in Nebraska was the same consistant quiet Christian life that marked his career while a resident of this community. His life went out as the result of advanced age, without disease or suffering. He leaves a brother, Jonathan Snyder, of near this place and a sister, Mrs. Shaner, of McKeesport.

Dr. Jonathan LeM. Snyder    1919   obituary
Dr. Jonathan Le Moyne Snyder, aged 60, of North Lansing, Mich., former president of the Michigan Agricultural College died recently. He was born in Butler county and attended the public schools in this state. He was graduated from Westminster College in 1886, with the degree of bachelor of arts. In 1891 he was made a doctor of philosophy by Westminster College and in 1908 University of Michigan conferred on him the degree of doctor of laws. His last honor, doctor of agriculture, was awarded him by Syracuse University in 1915. He served one year as superintendent of schools of Butler county and in 1889 was appointed principal of the Fifth Ward schools of old Allegheny, Pa., and while in that capacity added the kindergarten and manual training to the school curriculum. Early in 1896 he accepted the presidency of Michigan Agricultural College, serving nearly 20 years. He leaves behind a widow, Mrs. Clara Maud Mifflin, …… and three sons.

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