From Uncoverings 2016, Volume 37 of the Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Group


By: Bassett, Lynne Zacek

Lynne Zacek Bassett is an award-winning independent scholar specializing in New England's historic costume and textiles. Among her quilt publica­tions and exhibitions are Northern Comfort: New England's Early Quilts, 1780-1850, produced for Old Sturbridge Village in 1998, and Telltale Textiles: Quilts from the Historic Deerfield Collection (2002). Lynne was the editor and primary author of Massachusetts Quilts: Our Common Wealth (2009 ). In 2012 appeared Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil War, co-authored by Bassett and Madelyn Shaw and published by the American Textile History Museum. Bassett holds a BA in American stud­ies from Mount Holyoke College and a MA in costume and textile history from the University of Connecticut.