Dove in the Window

May 3, 1929
Michigan State University Museum
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A newspaper clipping of the Dove in the Window quilt pattern from a series of patterns syndicated by Ruby Short McKim and published in the Detroit Free Press on Friday, May 3, 1929.
Detroit Free Press, Friday, May 3, 1929
Patchwork Quilt Pattern
Dove in the Window

Thirty-five of these old-fashioned quilt patterns have already been published. The names of them are printed below. You may secure any or all of them that you may have missed by sending your name and address and 10 cents in coin or stamps for each pattern desired. The Free Press plans to hold a contest early in the fall at which quilts made from these patterns may be exhibited. One or more quilts may be entered by each person. Announcement of the prize offers and details as to time and place will be made at least a month before the exhibition. If you wish further information call The Free Press, Randolph 8900, and ask for the Patchwork Quilt editor, Household Arts department.

DOVE in the Window is rather an intricate block to piece but a charming and unusual one when done. It finished 14 inches square, suitable size for a patchwork pillow. If you use it for a whole quilt set blocks together with four-inch strips of pieced sand and white with four-inch squares of sand color at all intersections.

As with others in our patchwork series these pattern give exact size of finished parts. Trace these sizes on the wrong side of the cloth, then cut a seam longer sewing back to the line.

Another old-fashioned quilt design will appear on this page next Monday. Patterns that have been published in this series are Album design, Rob Peter to Pay Paul, Drunkard's Path, Churn Dash, Corn and Beans, Log Cabin, Old Maid's Puzzle, Grandmother's Fan, Fruit Basket, Maple Leaf, Swastika, Jacob's Ladder, Weathervane, Windblown Square, Wildgoose Chase, Wedding Ring, Crazy Ann, Pieced Star, Whirlwind, Pine Tree, Ocean Wave, Rambler, Cherry Basket, Square and Compass, Sky Rocket, Greek Cross, Rising Sun, Spool, Irish Chain, Double T, Bear's Paw, Spider Web, Lafayetter Orange Peel, Seven Stars and Noon Day Lily.

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