First Original Design Promised for News Show

June 28, 1934
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Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including letters from Quilt Club Corner members.
First Original Design Promised for News Show
Left to right: Mrs. Wm. Fiegel, Mrs. Louis Belloli, Mrs. Joseph Fritz, Mrs. Steve Kasmalski, Mrs. Louis Calcaterre, Mrs. Anthony Fritz, Mrs. Fred Zoller, Mrs. Dell Rancilia, Mrs. Bert Cluckey and Miss Maxine Fritz.
Baskets, Flowers, Grass All Included in Pattern


HOT weather isn’t going to discourage quilt-makers, for it is one occupation that does not demand strenuous effort and invites to a few quiet hours in the shade of an awning or a friendly spreading tree. Those little blocks may be packed in a bag or box and carried out about and whenever there are a few moments to spend on quilt-making, out they come and begin to take shape.

That is the way the 10 quilt-makers in the illustration think about it and here you see them gathered at the home of Mrs. Anthony Fritz for a day of quilting on the frames.

The quilt shown was designed and made by Mrs. Anthony Fritz and her friends which make the “Busy Bee Neighborhood Club” have gladly offered to help with the quilting. And the first thing they know it will be finished. Although it has been planned for a wedding present. I feel sure that the bride will allow Mrs. Fritz to enter it in the News quilt show. There is to be a section for original designs and Mrs. Fritz seems to think that her quilt will be “among those present” and it surely should be for it is entirely different from any of the regulation designs.

The plain blocks around the edge are plain green and represent the grass, the figured blocks have a green background and small flowers and in the white blocks are small conventional baskets. Each one is of a different kind of material (a good way to use up scraps) and the handles are in black chain-stitching.

The “Busy Bee” is a very new club for it has only been in existence for two weeks, but the members plan on meeting every other week for a day’s session of quilting and piecing, with a potluck lunch to break up the day.

Each member pieces her own blocks and sets them together and then all work together on the quilting.

It is to be hoped that every member of the “Busy Bee” club will have one or more quilts entered in the News quilt show; and even if she does not have one, that she will be present. I know that each will be, however, for those who saw last year’s exhibit have given such glowing descriptions of it and hope to see a much larger one this year so that it will be impossible to keep the others away from it.

A birthday party will be given for Gran’s eighty-third birthday at her home, 428 West street, Howell, Michigan, July 1 (Sunday). All members of the club everywhere come; make it a big day in Gran’s young life “Pot luck.”

About Mrs. Lumbert.
Mrs. Koehler does not live far from me, and we have exchanged calls and also some patches of prints.

She has several blocks of the Nosegay done and her colors are lovely, as well as her work on them.

I wonder, if the Quilt Club members know that Mrs. Villia Lumbert of Portland, Mich., has been ill, and is still far from well? I am sending her some quilt pieces, and wish that some of the others of the Club might send her a few. She has an aged mother whose care confines her pretty closely to her home even when she is in good health, and now that her convalescence is so slow, she could spend her time making quilts but needs more patches.
1419 Cronk ave.,
Flint, Mich.

It is quite a long time since you have written in, Mrs. Brown, and it seems so good to have a letter from you. Don’t neglect us that way again.

I am sure that you and Mrs. Koehler must enjoy getting together and chatting about quilts, as well as exchanging patches.

Thank you for telling us about Mrs. Lumbert. She was one of the first members to join the Quilt Club Corner. I remember that she was unable to leave her mother so that she could attend the show last year; but, I do hope that if she is well enough to come this year someone will offer to stay with her mother while she does. I know that many will send her patches.

No Room for Corners.
I have read the Quilt Club letters for a long time and have enjoyed them very much.

I have pieced a Dresden Plate quilt but do not seem to have room for the corner pieces, should I leave them out or put in small ones?

I would like to be a member of the Quilt Club. I have some nice pieces to exchange with other ladies if they wish to.
Birmingham, Mich. Route 2.

You may do as you wish about those Corner pieces, but the quilt is so much prettier with them in that, if I were you, I would put in some smaller ones.

Your name has been entered in the membership list and I do not think it will be long before someone will write to you about exchanging pieces. Why don’t you write to some one who wishes to do this and start the ball rolling?

Just a Beginner.
I have been staying away a long time, but I’ve been busy answering lovely letters—too lovely for a beginner to receive.

Mrs. Skill asked me to visit her and I did, and she showed me how to mark quilts, put them on frames, how to cut patches and everything.

Mrs. Bauer sent me quilting patterns and also gave me generous advice on quilt-making and sent me such lovely patches and letters. It’s really beyond my knowledge to thank all of them enough for helping a beginner. Mrs. Weber also came with patches.

As soon as I get through with the family sewing I will get back to my quilt making. I’m still piecing my doll quilt, and I’m still on the first block of the Nosegay. You won’t believe me, but I guess I ripped more blocks than I pieced. But I’m not giving up yet.
177 Woodmere avenue.

If a beginner doesn’t get helped out of difficulties it is her own fault for not writing to the Corner and asking for aid, for there are so many generous quilt-makers who will come to her rescue. I guess you have found that out, Mrs. Blasko.

The family sewing doesn’t appear to be very interesting when there are quilts waiting to be pieced, does it?

I am very glad that you received so many lovely letters, and I know that you must enjoy answering them and adding new friends to your list.

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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