New Quilt Made by Designer of Bird Quilt

March 28, 1935
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Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner column including letters from Quilt Club members and a list of new members.
New Quilt Made by Designer of Bird Quilt
Inset shows Mrs. Ada B. Chilton, Indiana, who designed this new quilt of flowers, and butterflies. Unique materials are combined with very fine workmanship and the whole, is indeed, a beautiful piece.
Shawl Party at Church Was Charming Gathering

By Edith B. Crumb

Do you remember that quilt at the Quilt Show last fall with all the birds on it- the quilt that was made by Mrs. Ada B. Chilton, of Angola, Indiana?

Well, the other day Mrs. Chilton dropped in at the office with a big package under her arm and in it was this butterfly and flower quilt. I know you would want to know just what it looked like, so I had a picture taken of it and also of Mrs. Chilton, for I knew that you wondered what she was like. I was surprised, for I had imagined her as being quite elderly. Don't you know how you form an idea of how people should look and then you are so surprised when you see them? Well, that is the way it was when I met Ms. Chilton, for she is anything but old, even if she does have a son who is a doctor.

She says that she is still receiving letters from Quilt Club Corner members and only this week received one from a quilt-maker in Canada who has three sons that are doctors. She really has had a great deal of enjoyment corresponding with so many people interested in the same thing.

The quilt as shown has a flowered border and from this material Mrs. Chilton took the pattern for the quilt. All of the large flowers are the same kind as the little ones and I wish you could see how beautifully made they are. Every petal is cut so that the design will be in the same position in every other petal and the center of each flower is a circular piece, padded, or gingham with a little ring and light center. Mrs. Chilton must have kept all of her friends hunting for enough colors of the same kind of material to make centers for all of these flowers, for they are not all the same color.

The butterflies are copied from real ones and if you remember how carefully Mrs. Chilton selected materials for her birds so as to make them appear real, you will know that she has done the same with the butterflies.

The quilting is interesting, small butterflies and flowers being repeated; and on one white border she has her initials and the date quilted in. Her initials are A.B.C.

Mrs. Chilton's (Ada B) address is 415 West Gilmore street, Angola, Indiana: and I hope that next fall you will have the opportunity of meeting her. After you have written to her I know that you will be interested in seeing her and she is going to try very hard to attend next show.

Do you remember the little notice of the Shawl Party which was to be held at Immanuel Presbyterian Church last Thursday? Well, it was not possible for me to attend, so I asked Mrs. F.J. Weidduwilt to tell me how it turned out. Well, there is no doubt about its being a success. There must have been some very beautiful shawls there.

One was of black Brussel and lace. This had been in the White House and the Governor's mansion at Lansing and the purchase price of this shawl 98 years ago was said to have been $1,000. They were vivid red shawls from Italy, white silk embroidered ones from Spain, and also silks from China and one in carnation pink from Mexico. There were also shawls from Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, Scotland, and France. The array of colors must have been gorgeous and not only were the textures interesting but the fact that so many parts of the world were represented made it unusually fascinating.

This was a birthday as well as a Shawl Party, and there was a great big birthday cake. Next time there is a party at this church we hope that we are notified long enough ahead so that it will be possible for us to attend. Wouldn't you feel sorry to miss such a nice party? I do.

Wants to Belong.
Dear Miss Crumb: I sent in my name as a member of the Quilt Club some time ago but have not had the courage to write to the Corner until I saw some letters from some other Dearborn members, one of them being a friend of mine, so will add a bit. I attended both shows but, like most of the other ladies, could not spend as much time as I wished.

I have pieced and quilted seven quilts, four of which I kept for myself and I now have a Dolly Madison Star ready for joining.

I am especially fond of quilting and have had the pleasure of helping on a number of quilts for the church as well as for friends.

Being ill a great deal, I have much time for such work. I would like to feel that I "belong" and hope that at the next show I will meet Gran, the reunited sisters and many others about whom I have read.
Mrs. Alice Noffsinger,
3533 Parker ave., Dearborn, Mich.

You certainly do "belong," Mrs. Noffsinger and I am so happy to receive a letter from you. Don't neglect us now for we are looking forward to hearing from you again before long.

Old, New Members Are Listed Today
Today is the first that the old members have been listed. There will be a few every day. So many wish these for their scrap books, and it will be good record for you to have. There will be given alphabetically and the new members will be added each day. The first seven are the names of old members.

Mrs. W.L. Adams, 3347 West Eucild Ave, Detroit Mich.

Marie Achenbach, 1048 Walbridge Ave., Toledo, Ohio

Anna Adams, 685 Woodland Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Mrs. Elizabeth Adams, 308 N Saginaw St., Holly, Mich.

Mrs. George M. Adams, 722 Cass Ave., Flint, Mich.

Mrs. J.E. Adams, South Rock-Wood, Michigan.

Mrs. Jessie Haley, 17201 Asbury Park, Detroit, Mich.

Mayame Kunkel, 1716 Dragoon Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Mrs. Verena Retherford, 5788 Loraine Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Mrs. Elizabeth Steffer, 15111 Montie Vista Ave., Detroit, Mich.

​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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