Bay Court Mothers' Club Exhibits Quilt

July 15, 1937
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Bay Court Mothers' Club Exhibits Quilt
Here are members of the Mothers' Club of Bay Court exhibiting a quilt which they made during the winter. These mothers enjoy a vacation on Lake St. Clair every summer at Bay Court which is under the auspices of the District Nursing Society. Standing, left to right, they are Mrs. Lucy Miserlian, Mrs. William Bates, (president of the Mothers' Club). Mrs. Philomeme Gifford, Mrs. Barian Foidl, Mrs. Mary Gladue, Mrs. Alma Baker, Mrs. Winifred Sherman, Mrs. Rose C. Osterhout (camp director) and Mrs. Ethel L. Matteson. Sitting, left to right: Mrs. Mildred Miller, (assistant treasurer), Mrs. Maude Holman (quilt chairman), Mrs. Vera Scarlet, (secretary), Mrs. Lydia A. Billinghurst (vice president) and Mrs. George Epps (treasurer).

Camp is Under Auspices of District Nursing Society
By Edith B. Crumb

You and I may not feel friendly toward the hot months but they are just what the members of the Mothers' Club of Bay Court have been looking forward to since last Christmas.

No wonder they look forward to it so eagerly - it means a nice, happy vacation for them at Bay Court which is under the auspices of the District Nursing Society.

The guests are...(clipping cut-off)..secretary, and those who are privileged to attend this camp are from families whose incomes would not otherwise allow them to have a restful and happy vacation.

Mothers with their children are eligible and the ages range from babies a few months old to grandmothers who are over 80 years of age.

Under the capable direction of Mrs. Rose C. Osterhout many activitied are carried out at camp which include handicraft, sewing and home economies and, of course, there is quilt-making on a large scale. As a matter of fact, this goes on throughout the year for the Mothers' Club members meet all winter long at the central YWCA. The quilts are made from pieces which are left over from the regular sewing classes, in which the women make clothes for themselves.

At times there are over 300 guests in camp and there is an average attendance of 225.

There is a regular nursing school supervised by teachers and mothers are taught many things which aid them in keeping their families well and healthy throughout the year.

Under state inspection, this camp has been given a perfect record for cleanliness and food handling, which is surely a credit to those who supervise it.

In the illustration are shown a group of members of the Bay Court Mothers Club with a quilt which they finished just before the Detroit News Quilt Show in April. They exhibited several quilts in the show, all of which were greatly admired. This was made during the meetings which were held in the winter; but I know that the needles are flying thick and fast at Bay Court camp right now with the fashioning of more quilts.

So, even though you and I may look forward to Labor Day and the cool weather which it heralds, the members of the Bay Court Mothers' Club feel that it comes only too soon.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner

Margaret Richter,
R. F. D. 2, Box 24,
Deckerville, Mich.

Mrs. A. A. Riddering,
18581 Ruth St.,
Melvindale, Mich.

Mrs. G. H. Riddle,
316 Albany Ave.,
Ferndale, Mich.

Mrs. Marian A. Ridler,
7055 Senator Ave.

Mrs. Walter Rieck,
Box 111,
Utica, Mich.

Mrs. Anna Rieder,
11718 Promenade Ave.

Mrs. L. E. Riemenschneider,
820 Fleming Ave.,
Jackson, Mich.

Mrs. Clarence Riggs,
17305 Ilene St.

Mrs. Minnie Wigton Rigly,
401 Harper Ave.

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