Quilt in Rainbow Colors

February 15, 1938
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner Column including the image and description of a woman who made a rainbow Trip Around the World.
Quilt in Rainbow Colors
Mrs. Anna Urbany 8221 Nuerenberg avenue, designed and made this quilt of plain and figured materials laid out in rainbow effect. The quilting is in lattice and leaf design.

Cornerite Finishes Quilt for Friends Hope Chest
By Edith B. Crumb
Quilt Club Editor, The Detroit News

The past six years have been quilting making years for Mrs. Anna Urbany 8221 Nuerenberg avenue, and in that length of time she has made about 100 quilts. That certainly is a record. Can you beat it?

The quilt which Mrs. Urbany is showing you in the illustration is a Trip Around the World, which she has just finished for Celia Imrick, 7730 Merkel avenue. Celia will wrap it carefully and tuck it away in her hope chest.

Mrs. Urbany has worked out the color scheme in this quilt beautifully. For example, the plain squares you see may be blue, orchid, green rose or yellow. Next to each plain one is a figured one with a ground to match the plain one, then one in a deeper ground of the same color and finally a white one with a design in this color. The whole effect is that of a rainbow and in each of the four colors is one bright red block to top it off in a gay manner.

Each block has a leaf design quilted on it, the only exception being an oblong section in the center which is done in lattice effect. The back of the quilt is orchid and will be as pretty used as a spread one side as the other.

Mrs. Urbany has 16 tops which are ready for quilting so you can see what a busy spring she will have. She is making one like the one in the illustration. She enjoyed working on the colors and simply could not resist making another. She used 900 yards of thread in the quilting of this one.

Mrs. Urbany has just had a letter from Mrs. James B Carey, one of our Quilt Club Members who is visiting in Texas. Mrs. Carey is ill, and Mrs. Urbany wished for the Quilt Club members would write her notes.

Mrs. Helen Neibert, 8529 Rathbone avenue, is anxious to exchange percale prints as she's trying to make a quilt called Steps to the Garden, composed of two inch squares. She wants all prints different. She joined the Quilt Club last fall, and has been to about five meetings, and one day she won the mystery envelop with just one patch in it. That we call the "orphan".

Mrs. Mause Dickey, 6538 Vinewood avenue, has moved here from Blairsville, PA and wants to join our Quilt Club Corner. She has made several quilts and finished two this winter. Now she wants to make a Double Wedding Ring. Perhaps she will come to some of our Friday meetings. It is such a good way to become acquaintances.

Another quilt who has just joined is Mrs. O.L. Collins R No. 1 Box 35 Bellevue, Mich. Mrs. Collins lives on a farm and now is convalescing from an operation so I am sure she would like to have a few cards from some of you.

Mrs. Harry E Patterson, 57 Winder street, is also a new member. She asks if she should just jump into the sea of friendship and start swimming. She is very much interested in the club, likes to crochet, embroider and quilt. She has not lived in Detroit long. Her health will not permit her to leave the house and so she would like to correspond with some of you bust quilters.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. Charles Welms
East Tawas, Mich.

Mrs. E Welsh
12619 Mark Twain Ave

Mrs. J Welsh
511 Camden Ave
Ferndale, Mich.

Mrs. E.H. Wendelborn
1220 Auburn Rd
Rochester, Mich.

Harriet Sibley Wendell
RFD No. 5
Holly, Mich.

Mrs. Jessie Wenger
Box 116
Nashville, Mich.

Mrs. L Werner
2737 Ingils Ave

Nata Werner
22835 Melrose Ave

Mrs. Mary Werth
236 Glendale Ave
Highland Park, Mich.

Mrs. Anna West
302 E Farnum St
Royal Oak, Mich.

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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