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September 4, 2019
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Oregon, United States
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Celtic Design Company
Philomena Durcan introduced Celtic design to the quilt world in 1980 with the publication of ther first book, Celtic Quilt Designs. Since then she has lectured and given workshops throughout the world on her Interlace, Spiral, and Floral designs. Her work has been exhibited internationallt in numerous museums and shows, and she has been featured in quilting magazines such as Traditional Quilter (Featured Teacher), Patchwork Quilt Tsushin (Japan), as well as on Kaye Wood's television show Quilting for the 90's, and on Alex Anderson's show Simply Quilts.

In addition, Philomena is a designer of Celtic stencils for Stensource International, one of the largest stencil companies in the United States. Through Stensource, her stencils are distributed worldwide. Philomena was originall from County Sligo, Ireland, where she was greatly influenced by her mother, a lace maker. She has since combined her Irish heritage with her designs and needlework skills to develop a new and unique comcetp of fabric art. She is retired in Portland, Oregon, but continue to explore new horizons in Celtic design.

After the success of her first book, Celtic Quilt Designs, Philomena published three books of spiral and floral quilt patterns based on her bias applique technique. These are Celtic Spirals, A Celtic Garden and Celtic Quilt Designs II, The Children of Lir. Each book includes full size design patterns.

In these books, Philomena demonstrates how three ancient Celtic art forms (Interlace, Spiral, and Floral motifs) can be beautifully adapted to the art of applique quilting.

Celtic Design Company has been the sole distributor of the original Celtic design quilting books around the World! Now it is your turn.

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Celtic Design Company

Celtic Quilt Designs II, The Children of Lir    Paperback - 2003
Celtic Quilt Designs II, The Children of Lir features twenty-four new Celtic interlace design patterns. Beautifully illustrated with an easy step by step guide, clear instructions and tips on color choice, this book is a must for lovers of Celtic and quilting alike. This book draws inspiration from the magical story of the Children of Lir, an Irish legend that has enchanted young and old for centuries.

A Celtic Garden    Paperback - 1995
A Celtic Garden contains floral designs inspired by the gardens of Scotland and Ireland, and introduces the concept of "painting" with fabric, a process of manipulating various shades of hand-dyed fabric to create beautiful 3-dimensional effects. This book contains 13 original floral patterns which can be combined with spiral and interlace, suitable for 14" and 16" blocks. A full-sized pattern of Through the Garden Gate, the wall hanging featured on the back cover, is also provided.

Celtic Spirals    Paperback - 1992
Celtic Spirals  presents a whole new design concept in quilting using one master pattern to create 20 original designs inspired by one of the oldest forms of Celtic Art, the spiral. The Master Pattern includes four different sized patterns for 8", 13", 17" and 20" blocks. This is an excellent book to familiarize one's self with the color wheel to create the three-dimensional effects illustrated in the book.

Celtic Quilt Designs    Paperback - 1980
Celtic Quilt Designs is a collection of 20 different designs adapted from the famous Book of Kells, an eighth-century illuminated gospel book, now preserved at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The interlace form of the designs make them ideal for the Biar Bar Technique of Appliqué, a unique projecss developed by the Celtic Design Company.

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