African Fabrics Brighten Masks

Haslett; Michigan; United States

I started sewing masks in March.  My daughter is a medical resident at the Cleveland Clinic. When we were discussing this pandemic and the shortage of PPE, I discussed this with her and said "this is a smaller hospital problem, right - surely the Cleveland Clinic will have enough supplies?" and her answer at the time was "well, maybe".  In an effort to feel like I was doing something for her and other medical providers, I got busy and started sewing.  I have sent her several masks as well as made them for several families and friends. Since mine are made from beautiful African fabrics, I just received a request today to send more of them to Cleveland since everyone wants those colorful masks.

Sample of the masks I've made from African fabrics I have - April 2020.

Written by Hinds, Lisa;Covid-19: Quilters Respond (2020)

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