Masks for Detroit International Order of Police and Firefighter's Chaplains

Farmington; Michigan; United States

I began when, in midMarch, a friend sent me a message from a staff member working for US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib stating that she would like to collect some masks to take to the Detroit International Order of Police and Firefighter's chaplains because they were not considered 1st line responders.  Since then she has worked with me to collect and distribute over 350 masks made by some members of our guild (Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit) and my smaller quilting group (Quasiquilters). We have been using our QGMD facebook group page to recruit sewers, share techniques and feedback and notify the group of how the masks are being used. Being sequestered, this gives us something to occupy our time and feel as though we are contributing to the battle being waged, especially within the city of Detroit and the metropolitan area. And being quilters, we have a surplus of fabric to do the job. The office of Rashida Tlaib has procurred and paid for elastic which was then distributed to the makers. Our masks have gone to staff working for a Dementia Care facility in Ypsilanti, a Detroit Rehabilitation Center, volunteers driving for Meals on Wheels in Farmington/Farmington Hills, volunteers cleaning cages and feeding dogs at a Ferndale Rescue shelter and more significantly, front line medical personnel working at a large Detroit hospital.  The making and distribution of masks is a weekly activity and there does not seem to be any reduction in the need or desire at this point. We will continue as long as there are organizations and people who will utilize the masks and I am grateful that we can help. While I am making masks, I also deliver materials to other group members (Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit and Quasiquilters) who are making masks and pick up and forward their finished products to organizations and people who have requested masks.

The Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit Facebook page.


A relative of one member owns a fabrication business and has been making nose pieces to include in masks.


An acknowledgement from one destination.



Written by Ferman, Catherine M.;Covid-19: Quilters Respond (2020)

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