Quiltmaker Recruits Nurses to Design Caps

Minneapolis; Minnesota; United States

I felt I needed to help and am "too old" to help ouside my home. I can sew and have a huge stash of my own plus my 98-year old mother's which she donated when she could no longer see well enough to quilt. With the help of my next door neighbor (a nurse) and her husband and daughter (also a nurse) we developed a pattern for scrub caps with buttons for the elastic to attach to, which gives some relief to the ears.  I used to work at the psych unit at U of M, so I made masks for the staff their, too. Yesterday I got a beautiful "thank you" card and plant from the staff at Methodist Hospital!  I am so glad to be able to help in this small way. JoAnn Fabrics donated some supplies.

Batik mask


Masks for Methodist Hospital and University of Minnesota Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit .

Written by Hancher, Linda D.;Covid-19: Quilters Respond (2020)

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