Mask Making Helps Local Foodbank

Springfield; Oregon; United States

I was finishing a quilt top when the governor shut the state down about March 15, 2020 and the word went out that there wasn't enough PPE for health workers. After I finished the quilt top, I went into production with masks. I first made them all for my family and then local quilters were offering to make them for the hospitals. I called our local medical organization to get information, I called my personal medical clinic but they were supplied but an email from the local quilters said that McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center wanted homemade masks. I delivered 2-3 batches to them. Information about people wearing them out in public was an excellent way to prevent the spread so I contacted people in my neighborhood. I asked that in lieu of payment that they donate to the local food bank because so many people were out of work and needed supplementation of essentials, ie. food. It was well received. I do not know of anyone with Covid-19 personally but keep up on the incidence rate in the state. If my stash of leftover fabric can prevent even one person from becoming infected, I am elated. I made a total of 110 masks including the contour style shown at the bottom and the pleated style for family, friends, neighbors, a doctor's office, and the local hospital.


Written by Rogers, Susan;Covid-19: Quilters Respond (2020)

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