We welcome individuals and organizations to add quilts they own or have made to the Quilt Index.
If you would like to add other quilts, you must provide written permission from the owner or maker.

For individuals
Please submit your quilts through the Quilt Index Public Submission Portal.

For organizations (libraries, museums, archives, documentation projects), start by reviewing these documents:

2022 has been another eventful year for the Quilt Index. Do you know that we now have over 87,000 records of quilts (from public and private collections, including over 250 museums), a growing number of stories, and hundreds of pages of related photos, publications, and ephemera - not to mention lesson plans, essays, galleries, and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts? We continue to add more quilts from the NAMES Project, additional museums, and documentation projects. As the administrative home of the Index, Matrix continues to work hard to make this growth happen and keep the quilt records secure, but we cannot do it without the support of grants and donations from foundations, businesses, and individuals. We hope that you, as a contributor to/and or user of the Index, or perhaps as someone who champions women artists, textile history, regional quilt documentation projects, or other facets of the Index, will take a moment and consider how you might support the Index in your charitable giving. All you need to do is go to Donate to express your support through a tax-deductible eligible donation to the Index. I and the rest of the QI leadership team appreciate your support,
Marsha MacDowell, Ph.D.
Director, The Quilt Index (www.quiltindex.org)
Curator and Professor, Michigan State University