Centennial Quilt; Sampler





Who documented this quilt?

Michigan Quilt Project

Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Michigan State University Museum

Michigan Quilt Project Number


What is the name of the quilt given by the owner?

Centennial Quilt

What is the pattern name that it is commonly used among quilt makers and historians for this quilt?


When was the form filled out?


Who made the quilt top?

Who did the quilting?

If this quilt was made by a group, enter the name of the group (e.g. Presbyterian Ladies Aid of Royal Oak).

Le Cheneaux Community Members

If this quilt was made by a group, describe activities the group engaged in.

Makes quilt to support the LeCheneaux Historical Museum

If you are a relative of the quiltmaker, how are you related? The quiltmaker is my

Quilt owner

If you are the quilt owner, how did you acquire this quilt?

Received as a gift


Cedarville and Hessel




Michigan (MI)

Choose the time frame that best describes when the quilt was made.


When was the quilt started?


When was the quilt finished?


This quilt was made to be used as a


Please explain other reasons why this quilt was made.

to celebrate the centennial year of 1984

How is this quilt used?

Choose the gender of the quilt maker(s).


Where does/did the quilt maker live (city)?


Where does/did the quilt maker live (county)?


Where does/did the quilt maker live (state)?

Michigan (MI)

What environment did the quilt maker(s) live in?

How did the quilt maker learn to quilt?

When did the quilt maker begin making quilts?

Why does/did the quilt maker make quilts?


Did/does the quilt maker belong to a quilting group? If yes, name the group(s).

Members include: Isabelle Sims, Amy Dunn, Annegret Goehring, Ellen Smith, Anna Kay, Sally Smale, Wilma Krino, Davine Carr, and Charlene McGurk.

What type of quilted object is this?

Finished quilt

How wide is the quilt?

81 1/2"

How long is the quilt?

81 1/2"

What is the shape of the quilt edge?


What is the shape of the corners?


These are color names that describe how the fabric was made, (usually a dye process) or where the fabric was manufactured. Enter all the specific colors that are found in the quilt.

Choose the best color scheme description for the quilt.

What is the best description of the quilt's condition?

Excellent/like new

Is this quilt damaged? If yes, how?

Describe any repairs made to this quilt.

Enter the exact inscription here, including dates in the same form in which they appear on the quilt. Do not correct any spellings.

each block is signed and titled by maker

What is the date found on the quilt?


How was the inscription made?

Where is the inscription found on the quilt?

If you chose Other, please describe where the inscription was found.


How many blocks are in the quilt?


How are the blocks arranged in the quilt?


How are the blocks spaced in the quilt?

Separated by plain sashing

What is the width of the sashing?


If one shape is used throughout the quilt, what is that shape?


How many borders are on the quilt?


Describe the style of the borders.

2 1/4"

What types of fabric were used to make the quilt top?

What types of prints were used to make the quilt top?

What applique method was used to make the quilt top?

Hand Applique

What novelty technique was used to make the quilt top?

What embellishments were used to make the quilt top?


What embellishment materials were used to make the quilt top?

What fibers were used to make the quilt back?

Cotton or polyester blend

What color is the back of the quilt?

How many pieces of fabric were used to make the quilt back?


How do you describe the quilt back?

What fiber type was used to make the quilt binding?

What is the structure of the fabric used to make the quilt binding?

What construction technique was used to finish the edge of the quilt?

Straight grain

What is the fiber content of the quilt filling?

Blanket or flannel

How are the quilt layers held together?

Hand quilting

How many quilting stitches are there per inch? Count only the stitches on the top.


Choose another spot on the quilt. How many quilting stitches are there per inch? Count only the stitches on the top.


Describe the overall quilt design.

Describe any decorative patterns used in the quilt design.

Describe any background/fill patterns used in the quilt design.

Describe any quilting designs that appear on the quilt, but were not listed in a previous field.


How did the quilt maker acquire the fabric for this quilt?

What is the source of the quilt's pattern?

List all known exhibits where this quilt has been displayed.

2000 visitors each summer season see it and remark about it's meaningful beauty. It is always in the museum, but also in the community for it's dedication and during the centennial year of 1984.

List other materials that exisit about the quilt. This may include oral history, diaries, photos of the maker, templates, etc.

Each square has appeared separately and the whole quilt often in the "WeeklyWave," St. Ignace 1983-1984-1985

List publications where this quilt or maker was featured.

Photocopy of news paper article in MQP file 86.2161. 99-Patch Sailboat Quit Raffle. A list of block titles, descriptions and makers are in the hard file. Clippings or photocopies. Photos of quilter

Who documented this quilt?

Quilt owner

Ownership of this quilt is:


Quilt owner's name:

Le Cheneaux Historical Museum

Quilt owner's city:


Quilt owner's county:


Quilt owner's state.

Michigan (MI)

How did the owner acquire this quilt?


Describe anything about the history of the quilt that wasn't already recorded in a previous field.

Postcard caption reads: The Les Cheneaux Historical Museum in Cedarville, Michigan, is permanent home of this Centennial Quilt. It depicts historically important buildings, places, and events in the Hessel-Cedarville area, and was made by members of the community in celebration of the centennial year 1984.

Access and copyright information:


What parts of the quilt making process did the quilt maker do?

Made entire quilt

If the source helped design the quilt, choose the best description of their input.

Where did the quilt maker find the pattern for the quilting design on this quilt?

Who is the copyright holder?

Michigan State University Museum

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