Peony; The 1840 quilt





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Wisconsin Quilt History Project

Who documented this quilt?

Wisconsin Museum of Quilt and Fiber Arts - Quilt Documentation

Wisconsin Quilt History Project Number:


Person filling out this form is:

Quilt owner; Other

Source of the information on this quilt:

There are 3 quilt makers. The owner is the great great grand daughter of one of them and the 4 times great grand daughter of another.

When was the form filled out?


Choose the best description of the source to the quilt:

Quilt owner

If you are the quilt owner, how did you acquire this quilt?



Adair, Sylvia

Where was the quilt documentation day held?

Verlo Mattress Company, 11100 W Burliegh St., Wauwatosa, WI

This is a:

Finished quilt

Quilt's title:


Owner's name for quilt:

The 1840 quilt

How wide is the quilt?

90 1/2 inches

How long is the quilt?

98 inches

Shape of edge:


Shape of corners:


What color is the quilt?

Beige or Tan; Brown; Green; Red

Antique colors:

Turkey Red

Overall color scheme:


Quilt's condition:

Excellent/like new

Time period:


Family/owner's date for quilt:

c. 1840

Describe the quilt's layout:

Block pattern

Number of quilt blocks:


Size of quilt blocks:

6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches

Arrangement of quilt blocks:


Spacing of quilt blocks:

Separated by pieced pattern sashing

Number of different block patterns used in the quilt:


What is the shape of the quilt blocks?

Same block throughout

Sashing width:

3 1/2 inches

Number of borders:


Describe the borders:

3 1/2 inch green border on 2 sides and 3 3/4 inches on 2 sides

Fiber types used to make the quilt top:


Fabric types used to make the quilt top:


Fabric styles used in the quilt top:

Dotted; Floral; Print; Solid/plain; Striped

Piecing techniques used to make the quilt top:

Hand Piecing

Applique techniques used to make the quilt top:

Hand Applique

Describe the techniques used to make the quilt top:

The stems on the flowers are hand appliqued.

Can you feel or see paper on the quilt that was used as a construction aid?


Materials used to make the back:


What color is the back of the quilt?

Beige or Tan

Number of pieces of fabric in the quilt back:


Width of pieces on the back:

26 1/2, 33, 31 inches

Describe the back:

Hand sewn

Materials used in the quilt binding:


Fabric structure of the binding:

Plain weave

Describe the binding:

white cotton

How is the binding made?

Hand sewn; Home cut

What is the width of the binding (measure on the top only)?

less than a half inch

How wide is the binding (measure on the top only)?


What kind of filling is used in the quilt?


How are the layers held together?

Hand quilting

Thread type used for the quilting:


Color of thread used in the quilting:

cream, brown, green

Number of quilting stitches per inch, place 1:

9 spi.

Number of quilting stitches per inch, place 2:

8 spi.

Width between quilting lines:

1/2 inches

Quilting designs used, overall motifs:

Grid/crosshatch; Grid diamond; Outline

Quilting designs used, background fills:

Grid/crosshatch; Parallel lines

Describe the quilting designs used:

1/2 inch square grid and hanging diamonds in block backgrounds. 1/2 inch parallel diagonal lines in borders and lattices.

Features or notes about the quilt's appearance, materials, or construction:

6 1/2 Peony blocks set 8 x 9 with 3 inch Flying Geese lattice and half square triangle spares as cornerstones. 3 1/2 inch green border on 2 sides and 3 3/4 inches on 2 sides.

Quilt top made by:

Fawcett, Frances A.; Fawcett,Nancy; Crawford, Nancy Smith

Quilted by:

Fawcett, Frances A.; Crawford, Nancy Smith; Fawcett, Nancy

Where the quilt was made, county:

Rockingham County

Where the quilt was made, state:

Virginia (VA)

Where the quilt was made, country:

United States

How was this quilt acquired?


Tell the story of how the quilt was obtained:

This quilt was made by my great-great grandmother, Frances (Fannie) Fawcett (born 4 Nov. 1830 in Rockingham Co., VA; died 21 Oct. 1887 in Warm Springs, Bath Co., VA); her sister Nancy Fawcett (born 20 Nov. 1832, Rockingham Co, VA; died 21 Sept. 1862, Augusta Co., VA, never married); and their maternal grandmother Nancy Crawford (nie Smith; born about 1790, VA; died about 1860, Rockingham Co., VA). It was handed down through the family and came to me via my mother and had a note attached explaining who made it and when. Frances Fawcett was the mother of Irene Hopkins Calley, who was the mother of Francis D. Calley, the mother of the owner.

Describe anything about the history of the quilt that wasn't already recorded in a previous field:

Frances and Nancy Fawcett's father, Abner Fawcett died in 1835. His extended family had moved out of the Shenandoah Valley to points west and south, so they lived with mother Jane Crawford, on her mother's (Nancy Crawford) farm. Their father's father, Joseph Fawcett, then living in St. Charles, Missouri, visited them in 1840 and brought them fabric to make a quilt. Their grandmother, Nancy Crawford, used a leather pattern to cut the fabric and the girls pieced the blocks. Frances Fawcett married first Joseph Smith, who died. They had one daughter. Then Frances married Benjamin Franklin Hopkins on 8 March 1863 and moved to his home in Augusta County. Her sister, Nancy, and mother, Jane Crawford Fawcett, lived with them. B.F. Hopkins, a doctor, served as a field surgeon for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. After the war the family relocated to Warm Springs, Bath Co. VA, where they had six children. Their daughter, Chertsey, was the first licensed female doctor in Virginia. Another daughter, Nanette, was instrumental in founding what is now Agnes Scott University in Decatur, GA, teaching and serving as dean of students for most of her adult life.

Why was the quilt made?

Not described

Quilt is presently used as:


Where did the maker get their materials?

Purchased new

Describe the sources of the quilt's materials:

a gift from a paternal great-great grandfather

Describe the source of the pattern:

a leather pattern owned by the makers

Ownership of this quilt is:


Quilt owner's country:

United States

Quiltmaker's maiden name:

(2) Fawsett, Smith

Quiltmaker's gender:


Quiltmaker's birth date:

Frances: Oct. 21, 1887; Nancy: Sept. 21, 1862; Nancy Smith: c. 1860

Quiltmaker's birthplace, city:

Rockingham County, VA

Quiltmaker's birthplace, state:


Quiltmaker's birthplace, country:

United States

Quiltmaker's date and place of death:

Frances Fawcett: 10/21/1887; Nancy Fawcett: 9/21//1862; Nancy Crawford c. 1860.

Quiltmaker's ethnic background/tribal affiliation:

Scotch-Irish, French

Quiltmaker's religious affiliation:


Quiltmaker's occupation:


In which kind of environment did the quiltmaker live?


Quiltmaker's county:


Quiltmaker's state:

Virginia (VA)

Quiltmaker's country:

United States

Quiltmaker's father's name:

two sisters: Abner Fawcett; grandmother: Abraham Smith

Quiltmaker's mother's name:

two sisters: Jane Crawford

Quiltmaker's spouse's/spouses' and/or partner's/partners' occupation:

Hopkins, B.F.: surgeon

Number of children:


How did the quiltmaker learn to quilt?

From Relative

Who photographed this quilt?

Schmit, Maribeth

Access and copyright information:


Copyright holder:

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts


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