Red Velvet Carriage Robe; Carriage Robe





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Who documented this quilt?

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Collection

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum accession number:


Alternate inventory control number:


This is a:

Finished quilt

Describe the item:

Quilt, Carriage Robe

Quilt's title:

Red Velvet Carriage Robe

Names for quilt's pattern in common use:

Carriage Robe

How wide is the quilt?

62.000 inches

How long is the quilt?

72.000 inches

Shape of corners:


Quilt's condition:

Good/moderate use

Notes on condition, damage, or repairs:

strong visual impact

Time period:


When was the quilt started?


When was the quilt finished?


Describe the quilt's layout:

Vertical bands

Describe the borders:

Dim/Block: Dim/Sash: Dim/Border1: 2.5" Dim/Border2: Dim/Border3: Dim/Binding: Other Dim Dtls (see Descr)

Fiber types used to make the quilt top:


Fabric types used to make the quilt top:

Velvet; Chintz

Fabric styles used in the quilt top:


Applique techniques used to make the quilt top:

Machine Applique

Materials used to make the back:


What color is the back of the quilt?

White; Red; Black

Describe the back:

Machine sewn; Print

How is the binding made?

Hand sewn

What kind of filling is used in the quilt?


How thick is the quilt?

Thin (Less than 3/16?)

How are the layers held together?

Tied or tufted

Thread type used for the quilting:


Color of thread used in the quilting:


Features or notes about the quilt's appearance, materials, or construction:

RMQM Search Terms: Other Block: Other Sash: Other Border1: plain, pieced, same on all sides Other Border2: Other Border3: Other Binding: top folded over, turned in, hand attached Other Dim Dtls: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Artist Names/Info: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Medium/FiberT: Other Material/FabricT: velvet upholstery fabrics on front, chintz backing Other Technique/Fab Prts: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Layout Fmt: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Piecing Techn: Other Appliq Techn: Other Novelty Techn: Other Embell Techn & Items: Unique Constr Techn: ------------------------------------------------------- Other Quilting Techn: QStitches/Inch Place1: QStitches/Inch Place2: Thread Type: cotton Thread Color: white Quilting Designs Used: ------------------------------------------------------- Overall Color Scheme: Other PredomCol: Other QSpecificCol: ------------------------------------------------------- Batting: thin wool Backing: machine-pieced red and black floral on white linen Edge Shape: Corner Shape: straight ------------------------------------------------------- Add'l Info re Q's Appear/Matls/Constr: strong visual impact Add'l Info re Q's Design/Sources:

Quilt top made by:

Wilson, Hannah

Quilted by:

Wilson, Hannah

Where the quilt was made, state:

Colorado (CO)

Where the quilt was made, country:

United States

How was this quilt acquired?


Describe anything about the history of the quilt that wasn't already recorded in a previous field:

A unique carriage robe or lap shawl made of blocks of various sizes set in three panels. HowAcquired: Donated to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum by Ruth Shewan of Denver, CO. Ownership/History: Made by Hannah Wilson (maternal Grandmother of the donor, Ruth Shewan) who was born in England c. 1840 and came to America at age 30. Hannah lived in Reading, Michigan, USA. LocMade: ///MI//USA

Why was the quilt made?

Personal enjoyment

The quilt was made to be used for:

Lap robe/shawl

Quilt is presently used as:

Museum collection

Ownership of this quilt is:

Public Museum, Library or Institution

Quilt owner's name:

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Quilt owner's city:


Quilt owner's state:

Colorado (CO)

Quilt owner's country:

United States

Access and copyright information:


Copyright holder:

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

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