Grape and Vine Applique





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Who documented this quilt?

Nebraska Quilt Project (Lincoln Quilters Guild)

Enter the number given the quilt by the state or county project where the quilt was documented.


Enter the date the state or county documentation form was filled out (as mm-dd-yyyy or c.yyyy, e.g. c.1965).

3/23/89 Lincoln--Museum of Nebraska History

This is the name of the quilt pattern that it is commonly used among quilt makers and historians. It may be different in different regions of the country. Often times it will be different from the name used by the owner.

Grape and Vine Applique

Enter, in inches, how long the quilt is.

93 inches

Choose the time frame that best describes when the quilt was made. The date does not have to appear on the quilt to enter it in this field. This can be your best guess based on family stories or your own knowledge of quilts. If you have no idea, leave the


If the date was estimated by an antique dealer, quilt historian or appraiser, enter that date (as mm-dd-yyyy or c.yyyy, e.g. c.1965).


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Date estimated by NQP committee member, corrected later if deemed appropriate by UNL graduate student researcher in consultation with Patricia Crews.

If you know anything else about the date the quilt was made, please tell the story.

Date estimated.

Choose the technique that best describes the way the quilt layers are held together. Use ctrl + click to choose more than one.

Hand quilting

Count only the stitches that are visible on the top and measure in one place on the quilt. Enter the measurement.

9.0 stitches per inch

Describe any quilting designs that appear on the quilt, but were not listed in a previous field.

Quilting design - basketweave

Enter the name of the person(s) who made the quilt top. Names must be listed last name first, followed by first name and middle name or initials; last name should be followed by a comma and space.

Snyder, Grace

Enter the name of the county where the quilt was made. Skip the question if you don’t know where the quilt was made.


Enter the name of the state where the quilt was made. Skip the question if you don't know where the quilt was made.

Nebraska (NE)

Enter the name of the country where the quilt was made. Skip the question if you don’t know where the quilt was made.


Describe anything about the history of the quilt that wasn’t already recorded in a previous field.

Quilt pieced by one person

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Contact Archives and Special Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries for image use

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Snyder, Grac. Grape and Vine Applique. 1950-1975. From University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Nebraska Quilt Project (Lincoln Quilters Guild). Published in The Quilt Index, Accessed: 12/03/21