Coxcomb Medallion





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

Arizona Quilt Documentation Project

Who documented this quilt?

Arizona Quilt Documentation Project; Arizona Quilter's Hall of Fame

Arizona Quilt Documentation Project Number:


When was the documentation day held? Or when was the form collected?


Where was the documentation day held?

Gilbert, Arizona

1. Type of quilt object

Finished quilt

2. Designer's title:

Coxcomb Medallion

3. Quilt Width:

48 inches

3. Quilt Length:

54 inches

4. Shape of edge:


5. Shape of Corners:


6. Overall color scheme:

Bright or primary colors

7. Predominant Color(s):

Blue or Navy; Gold

Describe any colors not included in the other color fields:

Red, Green, Brown, Off-white

9. Overall condition:

Excellent/like new

13. Inscription:

Date; Message; Place; Signature

13.1. Content of inscription(s):

The Designer Anita Shackelford, The maker Audrey Waite and the quilter Linda DeVries

13.2. Date of inscription:


13.3. Method of inscription:


13.4. Location of inscription:

on back

Other location of inscription:

The label is located in the lower right corner on the back of the quilt

14. Date of Quilt:


Date quilt begun:


Date quilt completed:


Family/owner's date for quilt:

2002 to 2011

15. Source of Fabric:


Describe the source(s) of the quilt's materials:

Local Quilt Store

16. Subject of quilt, if it has one:

Coxcomb in a Vase

17. Layout format:

Medallion or framed center

Size of quilt blocks (L x W):


18.3 Medallion Size (LxW, Diam):

21.5 x 35 inch appliqued medallion

Describe other spacing style:

The quilt has single & multiple plain frames

22.2. Border description(s):

The quilt has a single border on all sides that is plain and has piping with fabric same as the quilt measuring 4 inches.

23. Fiber used in quilt tops:


24. Fabric patterns, styles, motifs, or print categories used in quilt top:


Other fiber, fabric or fabric print types used:

The top has Polished Cotton and Batik fabric along with the cotton

25.1 Piecing techniques:

Machine Piecing

25.2 Applique techniques:

Hand Applique; Reverse Applique

27.1. Materials used in binding:


27.2. Fabric structure used in binding:

Plain weave

27.3. Construction techniques used in binding:

Separate binding applied; Straight grain

27.5. Width of binding:

half inch - one inch

28.1. Material used for quilt batting or filling:


28.2. Batting loft:

Thin (Less than 3/16?)

29.2. Quilted by:

DeVries, Linda

29.3. Quilting technique used:

Machine quilting

29.3.1. Thread type:


29.3.1. Thread color:

Blue, Off-White, Red and Gold

29.4.1. Motif/overall quilting patterns:

Meander/free motion

31.1. Fabric fiber types used in quilt back:


31.2. Color of backing:


31.3. Number of pieces in quilt back:


31.3. Size of pieces in quilt back:

48x18 and 48x 35.5 inches

31.4. Description of back:

Machine sewn; Same fabric used throughout; Solid/plain

30. Quilt notes and observations:

The quilt was machine quilted using parallel lines in border and scallops in gold frame. The quilt was made from a class with Anita Shackelford. It has a sleeve on the back and hung in the Sedona Library.

1. Ownership of this quilt is:


Name of Quilt Owner:

Audrey Waite

Quilt Owner's State:

Arizona (AZ)

Quilt Owner's Country:

United States

2. Other related items such as publications, image, oral history, or ephemera:

A photo of the quilt was  on the cover of KUDOS local guide published in Sedona, AZ January 17, 2012.  The quilt was exhibited at the Sedona Library along with serveral other quilts by local artists.  It  was made as a result of a class with Anita Shackelford, author of "Coxcomb Variations", published by American Quilter's Society in 2000.

3. Quilt maker's name:

Waite, Audrey



Birth date:


Ethnic background/Tribal affiliation:


Religious affiliation:

Methodist and United church of Christ

Quilt maker's occupation:


Quilt maker's birth city:


Quilt maker's birth state:


Quilt maker's country of birth:

United States

In which kind of environment did the quiltmaker grow up:


Number of children:


Number of male children:


6. How did the maker learn to quilt:

From Class

When learned to quilt:

Age 30-39

Why does/did the quilt maker quilt:


7. Name of quilting group

Arizona Quilters Guild, American Quilt Study Group, Arizona Quilt History Group, Coconino Quilters Guild

Location of group:

Phoenix and Flagstaff

8. Estimated number of quilts made:

20-50 quilts

Does/did quilt maker sell quilts:


Does/did quilt maker teach quilting:


Describe the quilt maker's unique or favorite materials, patterns, quilting techniques, etc.:

Tried all types of quilt making. Favorite is hand applique.

Describe any unique traditions, quilting related customs, beliefs, songs, or rhymes used by the quilt maker:

Participated in the pre-1940 quilt search in AZ resulting in the book "Grand Endeavors". Have quilts in books by Joyce Schlotzhaurer and Elly Sienkiewicz, volunteered at the Smithsonian, Museum of American History in the Textiles Division, worked at The Quilted Apple in Phoenix, AZ, The Quilt Patch in Fairfax, VA and The Quilter's Store in Sedona, AZ. Have collected antique quilts since 1975. Worked for Channellock Inc. 13 years civil service and traveled around the worked.

Any other notes or stories about the quilt maker:

Inducted in the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame in 2008. Attended many quilt symposiums, lectures, workshops and classes over the years. Learned hand embroidery from my mother and made quilt blocks which I made into a quilt when I was 15 years old. It was not hand quilted until 20 years later. I was an Air Force wife for 26 years and held offices in Women's club, worked on bazaars and other fund raising activities. Currently a member of Questers which is an international organization interested in historic preservation.


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Access and copyright information for image:


Copyright holder:

Arizona Quilt Documentation Project


I've been fortunate in getting to know and take classes from several well-known quilters in different parts of the country since I was moving every few years and attending quilting seminars, symposiums and shows in lots of different areas. I've tried just about every technique but prefer hand applique. In 1995 Dee Lynn and I created a business called Quilt Camp in the Pines held at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff every July, from 1995-2010 when we sold the business to Ginny Goodbar. We also ran Quilting in the Desert in Phoenix every January from 2004 to 2010. So after 1995 I didn't have much time to make quilts but continue to make small items for pleasure and charity. My primary interest is in quilt history and collecting antique quilts. I have been collecting antique quilts since 1976 when we lived in AL. I initially purchased everything, but then decided I should focus on a pattern, style or era. So I tried to collect signed and/or dated quilts because I figured they were more valuable. I frequently get asked how many I have so finally took inventory and found I had over 70 which is not a tremendous amount in the collecting arena, but it's a lot to document and try to store properly. While living in VA I was able to serve as a volunteer once a week at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in the Textiles Division. That was a wonderful experience. As a new volunteer they have you filing and then move on to more meaningful chores such as sewing crepelene onto fragile areas of quilts going on exhibit. I recently loaned a Double Irish Chain quilt to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY for a quilt exhibit of that particular pattern. Previously I loaned an antique Amish made quilt to the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff but pulled it when I discovered they had no security to keep visitors from touching quilts or stealing them. Not all museums appreciate the art and craft of hand made quilts. Audrey Waite

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