Jeremy Loveless Memorial Quilt; Jeremy Loveless Memorial Quilt; Old Italian Block





Where are the records for this quilt housed?

International Quilt Museum

Who documented this quilt?

Oregon Quilt Project

Oregon Quilt Project ID#:


Documentation Site:

Garfield Grange, Estacada, Oregon

Date data collected:


Quilt's title:

Jeremy Loveless Memorial Quilt

Ownership of this quilt is:


Owner's Name:

Chloe Loveless


Arizona (AZ)

Quilt owner's country:

United States

Quilt name or pattern used by family/owner:

Jeremy Loveless Memorial Quilt

How was quilt acquired by owner?


Any additional stories or notes about the quilt's history or ownership?
Who will inherit this quilt?

Skip-A-Week Quilt Club's adventure with the Jeremy Loveless quilt began June 13, 2020 when they received an email from Kathleen Wing. It said: "Recently I purchased a tote filled with fabric at a garage sale. The woman who had the fabric is now deceased. While going through the tote I found many pieced quilt tops. One of the tops brought tears to my eyes because apparently it was made for Chloe and Melissa in memory of their father and husband who had passed away. There was a square that said 'This quilt was made in loving memory of Jeremy Loveless by Dean Grammer, Skip-a-week Quilt Club. It was dated 2008. Do you know the history behind this quilt? I would be willing to send it back to you to be finished and returned to the children. You can email me back or call me. My name is Kathleen Wing and I live in LaPine, Oregon." I was not aware of the history, but knew Dean Grammer, so began to research the quilt. On the internet, I found the story of Jeremy. He was a local Estacada (Oregon) boy that had been a fire fighter in Estacada and wanted to become a paramedic, so he joined the Army to get the needed training. While serving our country in Iraq, he was shot and killed on Memorial Day, 2006. He was 25 years old and left behind a wife, Melissa, and 4-year-old daughter, Chloe. The city of Estacada mourned the loss of their hometown boy. In 2017, SE 5th Ave in Estacada was re-named to SE Jeremy Loveless Ave. The only address on that street was the Fire Station at 261 SE Jeremy Loveless Ave. It appears that the quilt top was created shortly after Jeremy's death in 2006. Dean Grammer completed piecing it in 2008. The quilt was then taken to the Fire Department where co-workers of Jeremy's could sign and make comments on it. The quilt was then given to then Vice President of the club, Kay Nelson, for completion. Shortly thereafter, Kay and her husband moved to LaPine. OR. The top was packed away with numerous other quilt tops, as Kay was a prolific quilter and created substantial charity quilts destined for veterans. Somehow, that box got separated from Kay's other quilting tools and stored in the barn. Kay died late in 2019. Her husband began the task of downsizing and clearing out, thus the garage sale in June. All the ladies of the Quilt Club were excited hear about the quilt and anxious to finish what they had begun. We contacted Kathleen to let her know what we had found out and she agreed to donate the quilt back to the club along with approximately 13 other quilt tops destined to be completed and donated to veterans and one antique quilt that she owned. Kathleen lived in LaPine, OR and we learned that the garage sale was held at a former Quilt Club member Kay Nelson's house. We agreed that shipping would be prohibitive but when the Covid-19 lockdown lifted one or the other of us would be traveling and we would meet up and transfer the quilt tops. In July, I made a phone call to longtime friend and auto mechanic who had recently sold his business and moved to Arizona, Chris Kemery. During our conversation about the extreme heat in Arizona, he said "you'll never guess where I am, LaPine, Oregon!" Really?!! Wow, I asked him if he had plans to come to Portland any time soon and was shocked when he said, "yes, tomorrow!!" I asked if he would be willing to get the quilt tops from Kathleen and bring them over for me. Of course, he said yes. I gave him Kathleen's information and called Kathleen and gave her his. The next day, I met Chris at the Safeway parking lot in Damascus to pick up the tops. He was so excited about Jeremy's quilt top. Kathleen and her husband had delivered them to Chris' second home in LaPine. Kathleen told him the whole story about the quilt top. They visited for over an hour about the quilts, living in Arizona, etc. Chris said he wanted to stay involved with this quilt top and that if the club were able to finish it before September when he returns to Arizona, he would love to personally deliver the quilt to Chloe, who now lives there. The very next week, Skip-A-Week ladies began work to finish the quilt. Borders were added by Jackie Stinkellner. A back fabric was chosen and the top was taken to Ron Torgerson to be machine quilted. Then the quilt binding was selected and sewn on by Marie Torgerson. Ruth Lazott hand stitch the binding down. Sharon Young created the label for the quilt and Jackie Steinkellner attached it as well as a memory envelope that will hold additional memorabilia. Now, the quilt will be documented as part of the Oregon Quilt Project. All of the facts and stories about it will be entered into the Quilt Index database ( In September, I will be meeting with Chris and Kathleen in LaPine. Chris will then take the quilt with him back to Arizona and do the presentation on behalf of Skip-A-Week to Chloe. I believe the quilt has had a destiny and it will be fulfilled with this delivery. Jackie Steinkellner August 24, 2020

Date begun:


Date finished:


Place made:



Oregon (OR)


United States

If Group made, name of Group:

Skip-a-Week Quilt Club

Top made by:

Dean Grammar

Quilted by:

Ron Torgerson

Other people who worked on this quilt:

Skip-A-Week Quilt Club members; Jackie Steinkellner; Marie Torgerson; Ruth Lazott; Sharon Young

Reason(s) quilt was made:


This is a:

Finished quilt

Overall width (in inches, to the nearest 1/2"):


Overall length (in inches, to the nearest 1/2"):


Block Size: width x length

12 x 12"

Block Pattern Name:

Old Italian Block

Brackman # or other source & #:

BB# 2881

Sashing width:


Borders: _1 _2 _3 _more than 3

3 borders

Width: (in inches, to the nearest 1/2") _1 _2 _3 _____other

5-1/2" + 1-1/2" + 3-1/2"

Quilt Layout Format:

Block pattern

For quilts with a block format, describe how the quilt blocks are set together:

Separated by plain sashing

Shape of edge:


Predominate Colors:

Blue or Navy; Gold; Red; White

Overall Color Value:

Bright or primary colors

Describe the damage:

No damage to quilt

Overall Condition:

Excellent/like new

Comments or notes on quilt's condition or repair history:

No repairs

Family/owner's date for quilt:

2008 - 2020

Date Time Frame:


Types of Inscriptions:

Message; Signature

Content of Inscription (enter verbatim):

Top Right to Left: Quilted by Sweet Charities Quilts, Estacada, Ore. Ron Torgenson Chloe, In your dear dad's memory. Love and blessings to you. Dean Ward Best wishes. Emma Lincoln Terri Gesake Alta Anderson Julie Altman Emma Lincoln Skip A Week Martha Bachler Betty Berry Patsy Ballau Judy Murray Bea Morales God bless Marie Torgerson Skip A Week Pres. Pat Lee Second Row Penny Kampf Florence Hartwig Skip A Week Christine Mattson Betty Locke Judy Terrill Donna Edgell Raye Balfour Chloe, May you feel your Dad's arms around you whenever you use this Quilt - Jackie Steinkellner, Skip A Week Quilt Club Sylvia Bowman Leona Campanella Chloe, Your father was a good man and a great friend. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Know that God is watching over you and that your father is with him. Some day we will all be able to be together again. Know that until that time comes that I am here for you and your family. Anytime or anywhere. Much love, Joe. 3-14-08 Pat Gaither Skip A Week Peggy Hale ZoeAnn Irwin Third row: Pam Randall Chloe & Melissa - Our heroes Engineer Corner Bunny Swanson Laurie Hays Darlene Krake You're in our prayers. Always be strong. Engineer Fritz Block with no names/signatures/message Christine and I love you very much and wish you the very best. We are very proud to be your friend. See you around. Brook and Christina Nelson For the sacrifice your family made, we are so grateful. Anna Castile, Cynthia and John Crowley, Amy and Steve Fritz Amanda & Bill Rasansky I hope this blanket comforts you whenever you need to be comforted. Chief Alan Hull This quilt was made in loving memory of Jeremy Loveless by Dean Grammer Skip A Week Quilt Club Fourth row: Allene ?????tsen Skip A Week We will never forget - Kay Nelson Jill Lewis Pearl Taylor Patty Turner Blanche Foreman 2008 Pat B____ Shirley Babcock Jackie Aden Skip A Week Quilters Remember your Dad with smiles and laughter for that is how he will remember you. Captain Larry Jensen Your Daddy loved you so much!! Always remember that. Jennifer Molina Your Dad is always watching you from above. Lt. David Lang We love you and your Daddy is watching over you. FF. Rick Kassahm 2020 Still Remembered - Claire Kellogg Sharon Young Fifth Row: With hope & love. Deputy Chief S. Reed Viktoria Kassahm Ruth Lazott Yolanda Lins Harriett Sparrows May God always hold you and your family in the palm of his hand. Love to you from Skip A Week Quilt Club. Judy Z Pam Webber Your Father will always be remembered! Marsha Geisinger Kathleen Grassl

Date of inscription (enter verbatim):

Label on back of quilt:For Chloe in memory of her father Jeremy LovelessMade by the

Signature: _inked _embroidered _stamped?


Describe the method used to inscribe the quilt:

Inked signatures, names, messages on quilt front. Machine embroidered label on back of quilt.

Quilt Top Materials and Construction
Fibers types in Top:


Fabric types in Top:


Fabric patterns, styles or prints used:


Describe any unique characteristics of fiber, fabric, or fabric prints used:

Patriotic fabrics including stars and flags.

Quilt Top Construction
Piecing techniques:

Machine Piecing

Quilting Description:
Techniques Used:

Machine quilting

Thread Type:


Thread Color:


Overall Pattern Design:


Decorative Patterns:


Background Fill Patterns:


Describe any quilting designs that appear on the quilt, but were not listed in a previous field.
Marking Lines:

Long arm machine quilted. Designs include stars and loops.


Hand sewn; Machine sewn; Separate binding applied; Straight grain

Width of Binding:

less than a half inch

Specific Width of Binding (measurement to nearest 1/16"):


Quilt Batting
Materials Used:


Quilt Back Materials:


Predominate Color of Backing:

Blue or Navy

Number of pieces of fabric in the quilt back:

one piece backing with red fabric envelope and machine-embroidered label: "for Chloe in memory of her father Jeremy Loveless made by the Skip-A-Week Quilters pieced by Dean Grammar recovered and re-dedicated by Kathleen Wing quilted by Ron Torgerson presented by Chris Kemery 2008-2020"

Width of pieces (nearest 1/2"):

63 x 92'

Describe the back:

Same fabric used throughout; Solid/plain

Source of Quilt's Materials:

Purchased new

Quilt Top Pattern Source:

Public domain/traditional pattern

Quilt Design Pattern Source:

Public domain


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