Quilt Editor Turns Tables and Writes to Members

January 1, 1939
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Club Corner Column wishing members a Happy New Year.
Quilt Editor Turns Tables and Writes to Members
By The Quilt Club Editor

Dear Cornerites:
For a whole year you have been writing to me and now I have decided to start 1939 by turning the tables and writing to you.

On the whole it has been a glorious year, hasn't it? Our Friday meetings have been happy ones. The biggest quilt show ever held was the high spot of the year, with nearly 2,000 quilts on display and over 88,000 visitors to see them.

Many new quilters have joined the Club and our English and Scotch members seem almost like next door neighbors, so often do they write to us.

You have all been so nice to each other and especially to the shut-ins. You have written cheery cards to them, sent them patches, called on them, taking them jams and jellies to make their trays more tempting.

It is not possible to suggest that now you have finished all of your quilts, you will be ready for a new pattern, for no real quilt maker every has her quilt work finished. There are always two or three in the making and before one is finished another is started.

Even so, you will all be happy to know that before the first month of this nice bright New Year is finished, there will be a new quilt pattern leaflet ready for you.

This pattern has the most fascinating name. it is called "Blossom Time." White at first glance it may seem a bit elaborate, you will find it very simple to do, lots of fun, and best of all, it will use up all of the little scraps of material which you have been saving for something very special. In fact, in one flower you may have several different kinds of material.

The blocks are about seven inches square, the blossoms very plain and in no way intricate to put together.

Please watch the women's pages the latter part of this month for the announcement of this new pattern, "Blossom Time."

Now that I have written to you, I am looking forward to your letters to me. Everybody in the column wants to know what patterns you are working on how many quilts you made last year, how many you expect to make this year, and what is your favorite pattern.

The first quilt Club Corner meeting of 1939 will be on Friday, Jan. 6. Very best wishes to each and every one of you for the New Year. I wish you peace, happiness, and prosperity.

Your Home Department Has Aided in Planning Thousands of Rooms
By Edith Crumb
Chalk up seem progress for Beauty in the Home Department for 1938. Slowly but surely we are all learning that every home may not be costly, luxurious, or even spacious but that ever home, however simple may be beautiful.

During the past year this department has assisted thousands of home makers by telephone, by letter, and by personal interviews to create more beautiful background for living, more pleasing surroundings, and more enjoyment of good taste in home furnishings.

The positive side of our work has been done in relation to thousands of individual rooms. Color schemes have been planned for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, furniture chosen for many homes where particular living problems had to be solved. More beauty in your home during 1939, need not necessarily mean more money. It may only call for more careful thought and planning.

With that planning we want to help.

New thinks, are not always the answer. Old things rearranged or refreshed may work wonders of beauty and charm in a room.

How these things may be accomplished we are anxious to tell you, both in the every day department on the daily pages of the News and by letter or telephone, or personal appointment, if you will bring us your home furnishing problems.

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