Colonial Quilts

Waldvogel Ephemera Collection; Waldvogel Archival Collection
Des Moines, Iowa, United States
The booklet titled Colonial Quilts was produced by Home Art Studios in Des Moines, Iowa. The company owner Hubert Ver Mehren and his wife designed the patterns and the catalog. It appeared in 1932 when it was distributed through newspapers and department stores, whose names and addresses would be printed on the bottom of the front cover. This one was distributed through the Cincinnati Inquirer.

The booklet opens with an historical overview of quilt history by "Nancy Lee" who was not a real person. The booklet included both traditional and modern designs including the large center medallion star quilts designed by Ver Mehren in shades of pink, blue, orchid and yellow. He offered them as ready-cut quilt kits at different prices ($3.50 to $5.95 for the top) based on the fabric chosen (cleona, gingham, and sateen). A color chart, cutting guide, perforated quilting pattern sheets and stamping powder sold for $1.00. This booklet came out just prior to the 1933 Sears Quilt Contest and several Ver Mehren large medallion quilts were finished in time. Two reached the final round of 30 winning quilts.
The quilt patterns appearing daily in The
Enquirer are the most beautiful designs from a
collection numbering well over 100,000.
Famous old patterns that have been popu-
lar for years will be shown new creations by
well known design artists will be featured. In
the event a design or pattern of especial inter-
est to you is not shown you can obtain it by
writing The Needle Art Feature Department
of The Enquirer.
Because the Modern Housewife has shown
her interest in quilt making, The Enquirer has
obtained as a daily feature the most famous col-
lection of patterns available. You'll find them
of invaluable aid in helping you create the ex-
quisite beauty of that which in time will be
considered an heirloom.
609 So. Paulina St. CHICAGO, ILL.

A Heritage
of the Past

I love the new revival
Of this old, simple art,
So feminineóappealing
To every woman's heart:
The bits of bright cloth glowing,
A scissors' glinting gleam,
The cut squares and diamonds,
A deftly needled seamó
A woman's face above them,
Her cheeks and eyes aglow,
This daughter of the mothers
Who pieced quilts long ago,
To make their bedrooms lovely,
And gay and sweet and bright:
More cheerful in the daytime,
More colorful at night.
She sews the bits together,
And, intricate or plain,
Beneath her flying fingers
Grows basket, star or chain.
All breathlessly she places
The bright blocks in a line,
And watches them completing
Some beautiful design.
And views the finished pattern,
A thing of light and grace,
To make her home a sweeter
And more attractive place.

HE women of the colonial days are re-
sponsible for the great advancement
in the Art of Quilt Making. Each new de-
sign was greeted with a chorus of enthu-
siastic approval, and gifted hands fell
busily to work completing it.
To them a new pattern was the most
exciting discovery of the month; a com-
pleted quilt the proudest achievement of
a year. The gay happenings and bits of
gossip were recounted at the Quilting
Bees, and to the pioneer woman at the
outpost of civilization it gave solace dur-
ing those strenuous days, and warm corn-
fort against the winter's blast at night.
The designs assembled on the pages of
this book are heritages of the past. And
just as they contributed to the feminine
contentment in by-gone generations, to-
day's modern women are finding even
greater pleasure in recreating these lovely
designs with their own hands.
More quilts are being made today than
ever before. The patterns assembled in
this book have been selected for their
popularity. Each pattern is accurate, con-
tains a cutting guide for each piece and
has seams allowed, suggested color schemes
and other information, assuring you an
authentic Early American Quilt with
which to make your bedroom lovely, too.

Who Love to Create Beauties
ful Things with Their Hands
How delightfully you bring a sense of age-
old traditions and the spell of early America
into your rooms, when you combine your
skill with the needle with these time honored
Early American Quilts are more coveted
than ever before. The designs re-created
here go hand in hand with the enthusiastic
revival of early American architecture and

The Double Wedding RingóNo. 123
The most popular of any quilt
that has come to us through the
ages. The illustration shows the
quilt with scalloped border and a
colorful pillow. The rainbow com-
binations of colors, pink, blue,
peach, orchid and green, sateen
with ecru background, makes a
lovely color combination that will
blend with any color scheme.
Quilting design No. Q-123 com-
pletes this beautiful design. Stamped
for tracing, 10c each. Perforated
patterns 25c.

110óSize 15-inch
Tulips and Vase
An Old Favorite

111óSize 13-inch
Rocky Road to California
Attractive and Easy
to Make
Ready Cut Quilt See
Page 13

Ready Cut Quilt See Page 13.

168óSize 18-inch Dutch Rose
Popular Favorite

Perforated Quilting Designs for 6,
9, 12, 15, and 18-in. Blocks and
Borders. See Pages 28, 29, 30, 31 and
32 for prices.

No. 139 Dolly Madison StarsóAn Appropriate quilt
to make after you have completed the Double Wedding
Ring. Each Star can be made in a different color scheme.

Beautiful Star of France Quilt

This beautiful quilt originated as a repro-
duction of the Military Decoration of France,
from which it takes its name. It is a full size
quilt measuring 84" x 84", when completed.
It is worked up in four shades of yellow, or
may be worked up in four shades of orchid,
blue or pink.
Complete Cutting Guide, perforated quilt-
ing design, stamping powder and color chart,
Order No. 151-A, 0.00.

(Not Illustrated)
The reproduction of the Eastern Star
Emblem makes a very beautiful patch-
work quilt. The center star measures
72" x 72", with a 6" border, making the
entire quilt 84" x 84". Comes ready
stamped, in the correct Eastern Star
colors, red, green, blue, yellow and
Complete Cutting Guide, perforated
quilting design, stamping powder and
color chart, order No. 152-B, $1.00.

185óDiamond Field

esigns from Treasure Chests
of Ancestral Attics . . .
The Diamond Field is a new variation of the Bouquet or Rose
Garden quilt. It has attained immense popularity with the quilters,
as it gives them an entirely different quilt when finished. The
Diamond Field is worked up in different color combinations, and if
you have made a Double Wedding Ring or a Bouquet quilt, you
will find this design a new diversion for you. Complete instructions
and cutting guide come with the pattern.

191óPalm Leaf, size 18
inches. A popular

186óRob Peter to Pay Paul. A beauti-
ful combination in one color and white.

179óSunflower, size 18
inch. A beautiful combin-
ation in yellows.

193óRocky Road to
Dublin. A beauty in
green and white.

169óSize 18 inch. Merry-Go-Round.
Gay colors and a joy to behold.

All patchwork pat-
terns illustrated on
these pages are 10c
each, or three for 25c.
Order your quilting
design to match your
patchwork pattern. If
you wish, we will send
you the correct quilt-
ing design to be used
with the pattern you

192óBurgoyne's Quilt, size 18 inch.
A historical favorite.

194óTrue Lover's Knot, size 18 inch.
An old favorite.

A Quilt Created by Your Own Hands Becomes a
Greater Treasure as the Years Roll On

152óSize 12-inch Dutch
Always Popular

121óSize 13-inch Lafayette
Orange Peel
A Historical Quilt

114óSize 9-inch 8-Point
An Easy Block to Make

154óSize 18-inch Sunflower
No. 154 Sunflower Block, 18x18 inches; a
design that delights many experienced quilters.
Works up in bright prints and plain. Each
flower can be different color combination.

122óSize 18-inch, Pineapple
A Beauty in Green and White Allover
It is easy to make a quilt with Easy
Way Quilt Patterns. These patterns will
tell you everything you need to know .. .
How to cut the pieces, how many of each,
and where to place them. Nothing is left
to your imagination. 10c each or 3 for
25c. Be sure to give design number when

119óSize 15-inch
Blazing Star
You Will Love It

118óSize 15-inch
Turkey Tracks
Makes a Striking Quilt

155óSize 9-inch
Beautiful Star
Stars Are Popular

"I Am Making a
Quilt for Each of
My Children"

An unforgettable gift that
will be lived with, and loved
ó a gift that calls you to
mind daily, in the joy they add to living.
An unforgettable gift, that will be lived with,
loved and cherished because every stitch of it is
the work of "Mother's hands".

No. 180. Jackson's Star ó
Size 18-inch. Very pretty in
plain and prints.

No. 175. Ten-
nessee Star ó An
early pioneer de-
No. 182. Dresden
Plate Design, or
Friendship Quilt.
Comes in 12x12
and 1 8 x 1 8 in.

No. 181. Butterfly ó Size
8 or 15-inch. Is a gay quilt
in colors and prints. State

No. 183. Cross RoadsóSize 18 in.
Leads you to new pleasure at each
cross road you pass.

No. 184
Size 18 inp
The bright
flowers of
spring are ap-


Radiant Colors
in Soft Tones
is the loveliness of an
old time quilt . . .

Beauty that harmonizes with any decorative
motif. An exact reproduction of one of the
loveliest quilts I have ever seen. Worked up in
four shades of yellow sateen with cream back-
ground and a four-colored border. Comes
stamped ready to cut and match up lines. You
will like this simple new way of making quilts.
Easy to piece, as each section is pieced in
rows. When the eight diamonds are sewed to-
gether, it is a simple matter to set in the corner
and sides.
Complete Cutting Guide, perforated quilting
design, stamping powder and color chart, Order
No. 140-B, $1.00.


Picture this beautiful quilt
on your own bed . . . .
"That's one of the
`heirlooms' I made
myself ... "

The glory of the Rising Sun Quilt lies in its
radiant colors and the feather quilting design
that completes it. One of the prettiest quilts
I have ever seen when worked up in four shades
of yellow, with cream background and colored
border. Material is stamped on the back side,
ready to cut apart and sew up on the stamped
lines. You will like this new way of making
When worked up in four shades of yellow,
this design is in reality a Rising Sun, and will
harmonize with the color scheme of your room.
Complete Cutting Guide, perforated quilting
patterns for entire quilt, stamping powder and
color chart, Order No. 150-B, $1.00.

which contributes an air of
hominess. . . . . . .
Rooms to be proud of
soothing, quiet and
lovely. You will take a
real pride in the fresh,
new beauty, the lasting
daintiness of the quilt
that you make with your
own hands.

Design No. 125
Size 11 inches

173óSize 18-inch
Cleveland Lilies
Not Difficult

170óSize 18-inch
Rose Album

107óSize 18-inch
Star and Chains

All Patch Work Quilt patterns shown on these pages are 10c each or 3 for 25c
postpaid to you.

162óSize 18-inch Grecian Star
A Beautiful Allover Design

190óAunt Dinah's StaróSize 18 in.

109óSize 13-inch Goose
Always Popular

115óSize 10-inch Cake
Easy to Piece

103óSize 9-inch Mary's
A Pleasing Design

Would You Love to
Have a Beautiful
Make One Yourself
Homes are judged by the
handiwork of their mistress.
The exquisite individuality of
her bed as to covering, the se-
lection of color and design,
plus the added charm of hav-
ing made it with your own
hands, makes any house a
home. You recognize at once
the old tradition, that "Home
making hearts are happiest."

138óSize 18-inch
Feathered Star
In Plain and Prints

159óSize 16-inch
Peony Block
An Easy to Piece

139óSize 14x16 in.
House That Jack Built

117óSize 12-inch
Tea Leaf
Popular Favorite

127óSize 12-inch Star
of North Carolina
An Old Favorite

128óSize 12-inch
Milwaukee's Own
A Brilliant Quilt

151óSize 13-inch
Diamond Star
Pleasing and Easy to Make

"My Mother Taught Me to Sew
With That Quilt . . .

Martha Washington's Rose
Garden Quilt is an old favor-
ite, when worked up in prints
with each flower a different
color combination. Complete
instructions are furnished. A
special quilting design is used
on this quilt. See 171-Q.
All Patchwork Quilt De-
signs shown in this book have
a complete cutting guide with
colors suggested. Patterns are
0c each or 3 for 25c.

171-Martha Washington

112óSize 15-inch
Twinkling Stars
An Old Favorite

120óSize 15-inch
Capital T
A Pleasing Block

116óSize 13-inch
Fanny's Fan
Always Popular

172óSize 18-inch Wheel of Life
Popular when worked up in Orange, Red
and Yellow

Dutch Tile Quilt No. 189 óCan
be worked up in two color combi-
nation, or in using each star a dif-
ferent color like No. 171, pictured

102óSize 18-inch
Flying Star or Doves
Very Effective Colors

161-Size 9-inch
King's Crown
A Charming Quilt

126óSize 15-inch
Beautiful in Green and White

"To Me a Quilt Is
"When day is done, this snug
( Just rest among cozy come
"And the cares that infest the
Shall fold their tents like the
And silently steal away".
A room to be proud of ó a
room soothing, quiet and lovely.
You can be just as proud of the
quilt you make as the one you
have inherited from your Grand-
mother or Great Grandmother,
for the quilt you make today
can be one of those rare gifts
that really include the whole
family! Your gift of handiwork
to the coming generations of
your family.

131óSize 16-inch
Dutch Tulips
A Cherished Favorite

124óSize 15-inch
Rolling Star
Lovely Color Combina-

156óSize 9-inch
Shooting Star
Easy to Piece

160óStar of Many
A Cherished Design

101óSize 15-inch
Star and Cubes
Makes a Beautiful Quilt

158óSize 13-inch
Mosaic No. 3
Makes Charming Quilt

105óSize 15-inch
Hands All Around
An Old Time Favorite

The New Multrapat Transfer Method
of Stamping Your Own Needlework
has met with the instant approval of needlework
lovers. Its simple, easy method transfers any of
the beautiful quilt designs shown on these pages,
to your own materials. The new Multrapat proc-
ess is the latest development in the art of stamp-
ing materials, and it differs from the hot iron
method in that from FOUR TO TEN imprints
can be made from one pattern. One set of pat-
terns will stamp your own needlework and those
of your friends and neighbors at a surprising low
cost, for each Multrapat design will stamp from
four to ten pieces of needlework.
Be the first woman in your neighbor-
hood to try the new multrapat method
of stamping art goods.
Multrapat transfer patterns are 10c
each. You can stamp from four to ten
pieces with one pattern.

Other Patterns Lsted
These are just a few of the patterns in our library that space does not permit us
to illustrate in this book. If you have any patchwork patterns or applique patterns
that you are unable to find, would be glad to have you write us, and if possible to
obtain it for you, will be glad to do so.

200-Star Fish, All Over
201-Bear's Paw
202-Japanese Lantern
203-Crazy Ann
204óFriendship Dahlia
205-Rose Applique
206-Lone StaróSize 84x84
207-Pieced Star
208óSunbonnet Girl
209-Overall Boy
210-Rose of Sharon
211-French Star
212-Double Irish Chain
214-Wild Rose Quilt
215-Crow Tracks
216óLincoln's Cabin Quilt

217-Crossed Canoes
218-Lover's Knot
219-Spider Web
220óStar and Cross
221- Monkey Wrench
222-Queen's Bouquet
223-Dutchman's Puzzle
224-Trip Around the
225-Honey Bee
226-New York Beauty
227-House on the Hill
228óIris Quilt
229-Baby Blocks
230-Sun Flower Applique
231-Churn Dash
232-Old Fashioned Rose
233óMilky Way
234óMountain Star

235-Bird's Nest
236óDancing Daffodils
237óCross and Crown
238óPennsylvania Tulip
239-Noon Day Lily
240óButterfly Applique
241-Ocean Wave
242óStar Rower
244óSquare and Compass
245-Hollyhock Wreath
246óGreek Cross
247--Windblown Square
249óJacob's Ladder
250-Wild Goose Chase
251-Maple Leaf
252-Grandmother's Fan
253óRainbow Quilt

Early American Applique Quilts
The unusual beauty of these designs have delighted needlework lovers for many generations.
Designs A260, A261, A262, A263 are 12-inch blocks, 20 blocks to the set.
Designs A40, A42, A44 are 18-inch blocks, 12 blocks make the set.
Stamped paper patterns with applique pattern for any design on this page, 15c each, or
2 for 25c.
Patchwork or applique pillows make clever giftsóa splendid decoration for every room.

262óRose Wreath. Size 12 inch

263-Regal Lily. Size 12 inch

44óRose of Sharon

42óKentucky Rose

40óWild Rose Applique

A260óHorn of Plenty. 12 inch

A261óTulip Cross. 12 inch

The Pendulum Swings Back a Hundred Years. Again
the Quilt Dominates the Bedroom
Decorations and modern decorators whether fur-
nishing bedrooms with old or new pieces choose
patchwork quilts not merely as bed coverings but as
keynotes for bedroom decoration.
The following materials are recommended to you
as the most suitable for making your quilts:
Muslin of firm weave, free from dressing or filling,
old-fashioned oiled calico, for the small allover print
effects that reproduces the true early American effects so much desired.
Sateens, either domestic or French qualities, are suggested as they offer you a rich
lustrous material that can be had in four contrasting shades.
Fine ginghams and percales for setting quilts together, in vat-dyed colors, can be
had in any of the pastel shades. Vat-dyed prints in an endless variety of colors and
combinations can be used most effectively when combined with solid colors. Some
quilt makers prefer to use 81 or 90-inch muslin for the back as it has no seams.
Waxed finished or special quilting threads are coming into popularity, as they do
not kink, and they work through the cotton easier.
Cut materials accurately, fold in seams evenly, and when sewing materials to-
gether, have one edge on the straight of the material joined to a bias edge. Avoid
sewing two bias seams together.
Prices of Patchwork Patterns
You'll enjoy making your patch work quilts this new easy way. Each pattern
contains a full size drawing just as the block should be when finished. Color chart
and suggestions with yardage requirements and method of setting blocks together.
A cutting guide for each patch with one-fourth inch seams allowed.
These patterns tell you everything you need to know, the number to cut of each
piece, the colors, and where to place them. Nothing is left to chance or imagination.
Any Patchwork Pattern and Cutting Guide shown on pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, are 10c each or 3 for 25c. Be sure to order by number.
Quilting designs stamped on paper suitable for use with 9-inch, 12-inch, 13-inch,
15-inch and 18-inch plain blocks 10c each or 3 for 25c. Be sure to state sizes wanted.
Quilting designs for Double Wedding Ring No. 123 or Lone Star No. 140. Spe-
cial patterns designed for the quilting of these quilts, 10c each.
See pages 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 for Perforated Quilting designs.
Stamping Supplies
Stamping Powder, in yellow or blue, 25c per
package. Order 700s.
Stamping Wax, for use on perforated patterns.
Blue only, 25c per cake.
Yellow Carbon Paper that will not smut on
thread when quilting, sheets 13x19 inches, 25c ea.

a memory in every
stitch of that quilt
it was a wedding present 25 years ago
"My friends gave it to me. Each of them
made a block and initialed it, and then Mother
did the quilting. Every stitch holds a mem-
ory," that's why I call itó


Mother's Old Fashioned Flower Garden Quilt block set consists of 32 designs, each one a
different floral design, 9x9 inches in size. Four designs are stamped on a sheet 18x18 inches. A
complete color chart giving full directions for embroidering the blocks in their natural colors,
accompany each pattern.

Come into the Garden, where bright colors slumber in the midday sun.
You can bring all the glory of nature right into your bedroom with this beautiful
quilt, even to the delicate perfume of the flowers for through a special process these
quilt blocks are perfumed with the delicate bouquet just as it greets you out in the
garden. A delicate aroma of lasting fragrance.
You will get the same thrill in handing your quilt on to the coming generations,
our mothers and grandmothers got in handing down their handiwork to us. The
creation of your own hands, a piece of needlework or a quilt becomes priceless. You
can not duplicate its beauty and sentiment in any store of the land at any price.
This quilt will render years of faithful service for you and will be cherished by your
daughter as the quilt that Mother made.
Applique quilts are popular. Patches for this set are stamped on the seven natural
colors of the flowers and green. Each patch is numbered.

Multrapat Transfer patterns for any section, 10c each, or the complete set of 8 sections for
50c. Multrapat Transfer Patterns only.
Border designs shown on page 21, the Picket Fence Border, or the Petal Border and quilting
design shown on page 23 are used to complete this set. Border patterns includes cutting guide
for patchwork and quilting design. Plain blocks and borders, only 10c.

When It Is Pansy Time
The Whole World Rejoices

What needle-
work lover would
not be thrilled
after having
made one of these
beautiful quilts
and to see how it
has beautified her
The Designs il-
lustrated on this
page come in
both 12x12 inches
or 18x18 inch
blocks and are
stamped on ex-
cellent quality
materials. 20 of
the 12-in. blocks
or 12 of the 18-
in. blocks make a
The border and
quilting designs
can be used with
either of the
blocks. Quilting
border is QB421,
quilting design,
The new Mul-
trapat Process
makes it possible
for you to stamp
the Pansy or Tu-
lip quilt shown
below, on your
o w n materials.
You will enjoy
stamping your
own quilt blocks
this new way.
From four to ten
stampings can be
made from one
Multrapat pat-
terns for designs
No. 700 and No.
704, 12 inch pat-
terns, two on a
sheet, only 10c
each. 18 inch
patterns, one on
a sheet, 10c each.
Quilting design,
size 12 or 18
inches, 10c each.
Quilting Border 9
inches wide, 10c.

Quilts No. 700 and No. 704 can be worked up in embroidery or ap-
plique, using fine muslin, gingham or vat-dyed goods for making quilt.

Blossom Time Quilt
You will enjoy recording with your own needle the colors and beauty nature
has placed into the 32 different blocks, each one is different, the lattice effect sets
off the entire quilt. Note the novel border and quilting design that completes the

Multrapat Transfer Patterns for Blossom Time Quilt
32 designs each on a different flower. Blocks are 9x9 inches and have 4 transfers
on a *sheet.
Multrapat Transfers 10c each or 32 different designs for 50c. Patchwork Border
Pattern 10c. Quilting design Multrapat Transfer, 10c each.
Quilting Album
Aunt Mary's Album of favorite designs contains 50 actual quilting designs for
borders and plain blocks. 19 borders ranging in width from 11/2 to 9 inches and 31
plain blocks from 6 to 18 inches. The designs contained in the album will take
care of every quilting requirements. Complete set of 50 patterns only 35c.

The Tulip Quilt

As bright as
the first flowers
of spring, as
comfy as the
warm rays of the
June sun.
The Tulip
Blocks, the Pansy
and the Morning
Glory Blocks
stamped in two
sizes, Blocks
12x12 inches and
18x18 inches, 20
of the 12 inch
and 12 of the 18
inch blocks make
a set.
The new Mul-
trapat Transfer
Process makes it
possible for you
to stamp the
Spring flowers,
Morning Glories
or Tulip quilt
shown below, on
your own mate-
rials. You will
enjoy stamping
your own quilt
blocks this new
way. From four
to ten stampings
can be made
from one pattern.
Multrapat pat-
terns for designs
No. 701 and No.
703, 12 inch pat-
terns, two on a
sheet, only 10c
each. 18 inch
patterns, one on
a sheet, 10c each.
Quilting design,
size 12 or 18
inches, 10c each.
Quilting Border 6
inches wide, 10c.
Patchwork Tu-
lip Border Pat-
tern, 10c.
Quilts No. 701
and No. 703 can
be worked up in
embroidery o r
applique, using
fine muslin, ging-
ham or vat-dyed
goods for making


The illustration shows the Flower Garden Set No. 2, set together with the plain blocks and the
Picket Fence Border.
This quilt, when placed upon your bed, will brighten the entire room with its presence, the
32 blocks in the set are all different than the blocks in Set No. 1. A good many of our friends
use the No. 2 Set to set the No. 1 Set together with using 63 embroidered blocks for the
entire quilt.
See page 22 showing the pillow cases and bedroom sets that are stamped to match flower
garden set No. 2.
You will enjoy stamping these designs using the new multrapat method. Thirty-two designs,
9x9 inches, makes up this set. Each design is a different flower. A complete color chart comes
with each order of Multrapat patterns. Designs are stamped four on a sheet, price 10c a sheet,
or the complete set of eight sheets (32 designs) only 50c. The patchwork picket fence border
and quilting design are 10c. Perforated patterns, 35c.
Multrapat patterns differ from hot iron patterns, as they will stamp from four to ten times.

Illustration shows Flower Garden No. 1 Scarf and Pillow Case

Hope Chest Quality Bedroom Sets
Pillow eases, Scarfs and Bedroom Sets are stamped to match Mother's Old Fashioned
Flower Garden Sets, No. 1 and No. 2. The May Day Flower Basket Quilt and the George
Washington Mount Vernon Quilt shown on the back cover of this book.

Multrapat patterns can be had for any of the designs shown on these pages. Pillow cases,
10c each, scarfs, 10c each, 6-piece bedroom sets, 25c each.
Dresser scarfs, Multrapat Transfer Patterns, 17x45 inches, 10c each.

Illustration shows Flower Garden No. 2 Scarf and Pillow Case

1 he May Day Flower Basket Quilt
Interesting Embroidery Work That You Will Enjoy Doing
Consider 32
baskets, each
one different in
design, each one
filled with gay
blossoms, a 11
upon a single
quilt. If you
would keep the
beauties of
Springtime ever
with you, do
make a flower
basket quilt.
The Flower
Baskets can be
stamped on
muslin, un-
bleached muslin,
sateen or broad-
cloth. There
are 32 blocks,
9x9 inches, two
more than are
needed for the
quilt. The extra
blocks may be
used for pillows
or bolster.
The May Day
Flower Basket
quilt is a Mul-
trapat Process
pattern, the new
delightful way
of stamping
your own ma-
terials. Four
designs are
stamped on one sheet, price 10c per sheet. Complete set of 32 blocks stamped on 8 sheets, only
50c. Complete color chart comes with each multrapat order. Patchwork pattern for Petal Border
and 9-inch quilting design, 10c. Multrapat patterns will stamp from four to ten sets of blocks for
you. Make a set of your own, and stamp sets for your friends.

Designs That Delight the Heart of Needlework Lovers

Multrapat transfer pat-
terns are available for any
design shown on pages
24 and 25.

From 4 to 10 stampings
can be obtained from
each pattern. Multrapat
process patterns offer you
the best at the lowest

All designs shown on pages 24 and 25 come in both the 12x12 inch or 18x18 inch blocks.
Multrapat process stamping patterns can be had for any of the designs in both the 12x12
or 18x18 inch sizes.
Two 12x12 inch Multrapat patterns on a sheet, 10c. One 18x18 inch Multrapat pattern, 10c.
Any 3 patterns for 25c, or 7 patterns for 50c.
Be sure to order by number and state size you wish.
Multrapat process is the new method of stamping your own needlework. Each Multrapat
pattern will give from 4 to 10 stampings on your materials.

Beautiful Blocks for Lovers of Decorative Work
Easily Worked Quilt Blocks in Simple Stitching
Cross Stitch designs are easily embroidered, are colorful and make lovely quilts.
Sets can be made up of any block you select or if you prefer each block to be different
he sure to state design number you prefer.

Embroidered Pillow Cases
Make Excellent Gifts for Christmas,
Weddings and Birthdays
Multrapat Transfer Patterns bring these
designs within reach of everyone. You can
stamp from four to ten pairs of cases with
one multrapat transfer.

42-inch pillow case patterns, any design shown on this page, 10c, or any three
for 25c.
Scarfs can be had to match any pillow case design, 10c each.

With a Touch of Dainty Stitchery, Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks
Are Lending Color and Charm to the Modern Home

1001-Handy Ann
"Handy Ann" is the name of this little miss
and you will find her just as proficient as her name
implies in keeping your clothes closets tidy. Pat-
tern for cutting guide and directions for making
this handy Laundry Bag, only 10s.

602-Iris Cross Stitch
Two of our most popular sets made up of 32
blocks, 9x9 inches. Four of either of these designs
are included on a sheet of Multrapat Process Pat-
terns. Multrapat is the new method of stamping
your own materials without the use of a hot iron.
Four 9x9 designs of either No. 601 or No. 602
on a sheet, 10c. 3 sheets, 25c. Pillow case 10c,
Dresser Scarf 10c, Vanity loc.
The Daisy Friendship Quilt
They say daisies won't tell, but the flowers of this quilt block set will
proclaim the friendship of those who made it, for generations to come.
You will find this an ideal gift quilt. Each friend can place her own
name on the handle of the basket she embroiders.
The set consists of blocks 9x9 inches, 12x12 inches or 18x18 inch
blocks, scarf and cases to match.
Multrapat Transfer Patterns can be had for the Daisy Friendship

The Richness of Your Quilt Lies in the Quilting Design

The use of the proper quilting design on your quilt enhances its beauty. Many of the
designs shown are to be used with the Patch work pattern of the same number.
Patterns come only in the sizes stated, and can be had stamped on paper for tracing at 10c
each or 3 for 25c.
Perforated patterns for transferring the design by the use of stamping powder can be had for
any design shown on page 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 in both blocks and borders. Be sure to state
size of block for which quilting design is to be used.
All 9-inch designs or 3-inch borders ...........................................................................................20c each
All 12-inch designs or 5-inch borders ........................................................................................25c each
All 13 and 15-inch designs or 6-inch borders .........................................................................30c each
All 18 and 20-inch designs or 8 and 9-inch borders ................................................................35c each
Stamping Powder in either yellow or Blue ........................................................15c each or 2 for 25c
Stamping Wax for stamping with perforated patterns .....................................................25c per cake
Yellow Carbon Paper that will not smut on your thread when quilting. Sheets 13x19
inches. .......................................................................................25c each

See Page 28 for prices of Stamped Designs and perforated patterns shown on these pages.

Quilting Designs of Lasting Elegance

See Page 28 for prices of Stamped Designs and perforated patterns shown on these pages.

See Page 28 for prices of Stamped Designs and perforated patterns shown on these pages.

lee rage 28 for Prices of Perforated Quilting Designs

Of lifting Designs of Unusual Charm

What arey our
Interests today, Madame
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From patterns to politics . . . from beauty chats to menusó
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There are Daily Patterns by Anne AdamsóMinute Make-ups
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Health by Royal S. Copeland, M. D.óAlec the GreatóBaby
BineóPolitics and Powder Puffs by S. E. SpiceróHuman Hearts
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and Home Management Hints and Instruction by Ceil Adair. No
matter what your interests for the day you'll find authentic news
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The George Washington Mount Vernon Quilt

See Inside Back Cover
for Full Description
Applique; Piecing; Quilting

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