Masks for Children

Chanhassen; Minnesota; United States

I started in April and I am essential so still working. I am worried about children that have no masks. We, as adults, are expected to wear masks. What about the children? We need to make sure they are safe also. To begin with I did not know any one infected and as time has went on friends of friends have become infected. So many have died and if making masks can help then I am proud to help in my own way. Also adapted the mask by adding extra stitching at the top nose area and used a paperclip to assist in closing the top area. The clip is removable.

Olson Mask made for a friend who needed one in order to travel on an airplane.


Multiple sizes of the Olson Mask ranging in size from 95% to 75% for children and adults. I will need to enlarge from 100% to 110% for men. For children age 3 to adults.


This 5 year old beautiful neighbor asked for pink! Reduced Olson Mask to 80% to fit her. Glad she stood still for a moment to have her picture taken.

Written by Howard, Donna L.;Covid-19: Quilters Respond (2020)

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