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Thousands of images, stories and information about quilts and their makers have been saved by hundreds of public and private collections around the world, representing the work of thousands of community-based and independent scholars, digital humanists, and professionals in libraries, archives, and museums. The Quilt Index has made efforts to keep track of the projects and welcomes records from research and documentation projects, regardless of scope or size. No Mississippi projects have yet joined the Quilt Index. We have collected the following information about their efforts. 

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Quilts made in Mississippi have been documented by other projects. To see the quilts made in Mississippi that are currently in the Quilt Index, click here.

Mississippi Heritage Quilt Search
Records housed: Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Documentation Dates: 1995 to 1997
Parameters: regional
Total Quilts: 1,769
Number of documentation days held: 19

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