Alberta Heritage Quilt Project

The Alberta Quilt Project was initiated in 2009. The Western Canadian History (WCH) Program embarked on an Alberta Craft Research Initiative to document the material culture of craft production within the Alberta context. This research project addresses the history of craft development in the areas of studio pottery, hand weaving and quilting.

The Alberta Quilt Project, a component of this research initiative, looks at
• contemporary quilts made in Alberta over the last 25 years and,
• heritage quilts made in Alberta or brought by immigrants to Alberta.

There is great diversity in the types of quilts made today, from traditional to contemporary art pieces. In order to capture the current trends in quilting the WCH program has solicited Alberta guilds, groups and individuals to help document today's quilting history by completing a survey questionnaire. Estimated completion date for this research component of the Alberta Quilt Project is December 31, 2012.

The purpose of the Alberta Quilt Project is also to photograph and document in more detail the Royal Alberta Museum quilt collection. We have now begun to do contemporary collecting in order to capture quilting trends today for the future.

The project will also extend its efforts to document and photograph quilts found in the 200+ regional museums and in private collections throughout Alberta. These quilts will be included in the Quilt Index as part of the Alberta Quilt Project.

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The Alberta Heritage Quilt Project includes collections from these museums:
Royal Albert Museum
Heritage Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Collection
Heritage Park
Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum

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