Blythewood Historical Society's Quilt Documentation and Preservation Program

Founded in 2010, the Blythewood Historical Society is a volunteer-driven civic organization dedicated to protecting, nurturing, and supporting the historical, pre-historical, and cultural heritage of Blythewood through preservation, advocacy, and education. We advocate historical preservation and are actively involved in the discovery and display of historical exhibits and artifacts from the community. We also sponsor educational programs that highlight the people, places, and history of Blythewood.

Recognizing that quiltmaking is one of the true and distinctive American art forms, we understand that quilts tell us a story of women’s history that has not been often documented. The study of quilts reveal the diversity of the makers. Ethnicity, race, gender and class are reflected in quilts. Quilts and their history should be preserved for future generations. Quilt documentation is essential to the understanding of history, most particularly women’s history.

According to Janet Catherine Berlo, Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester: “Quilts are one of our country’s most important artifacts. By studying quilts, we study the social like of things—we deepen our understanding of how we shape our culture through objects, and shape our understanding of objects through the various ways we interpret and value them at different points in history.”

Funding: The Blythewood Historical Society’s quilt documentation and education program is funded by grants from the Richland County Conservation Commission and the Nord Family Foundation.

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