Museum of Texas Tech University Quilt Documentation Project

Two quilt documentations days were held at the Museum of Texas Tech University as part of the educational programing around the 2016 exhibit, Legacies of a Thousand Stitches, featuring quilts from the Museum of Texas Tech University Collecttion. Several very interesting quilts were found, and some have subsequently come into the Museum’s collection. West Texas families learned a lot about their quilts, and many came to treasure them even more. The documentation days were staffed by the Museum’s Curator of Clothing and Textiles, Dr. Marian Ann J. Montgomery and volunteers who measured the quilts and worked with the participants. Members of the Museum’s Education staff assisted in processing the documentation paperwork. Robin Densford did the photography, assisted by several volunteers who handled the quilts, placing them on racks.

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1800     Location, Place

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Quilt Size: 61 inches x 61 inches

Fabrics: Cotton, Geometric, Novelty, Solid/plain

Construction: Machine Piecing

Quilting Techniques: Machine quilting