Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

November 16, 1938
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
The Detroit News
The Home Newspaper
Detroit, Michigan
November 16, 1938

Mrs. Mary Gasperik
9314 Cottage Grove Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mrs Gasperik:
Thank you so much for your letter telling me that the quilts were received in good condition.

I think you will enjoy making the Rose Medallion quilt and also the Friday Afternoon quilt pattern, and I will be anxious to see them in the next quilt show. Of course, I will be interested in seeing your original design also.

I am sorry that I do not have the Laurel Wreath quilt pattern, but I will put a little request in the paper and perhaps someone will be kind enough to loan it to Mrs. Reynolds.

Edith B. Crumb

Quilt Club Corner Editor
Washington New York Chicago Lansing

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