Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

October 17, 1940
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Taylorsville, Illinois, United States
Congratulations from a candidate for governor in Illinois in 1940.
Harry Hershey Taylorsville, Illinois
October 17, 1940
Mrs. Mary Gasperik
9314 Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

Achievement in any field merits praise, and I am happy to add my compliments to those you already have received for your winnings in the textile and art classes at the 1940 Illinois State Fair. I realize the great effort and the hard work that every exhibitor puts forth, and I hope you will continue to be an exhibitor at your great fair.

Because I have owned and operated a farm in Taylorsville for many years, I naturally am keenly interested in the continued success of the fair. If I am elected Governor on the Democratic ticket at the November 5th election, I shall give every cooperation and encouragement toward maintaining the supremacy of the Illinois agricultural exposition in the world. Measures for its improvement, development and enlargement shall have my hearty support.

Yours very truly,
Harry Hershey

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