From Quilt Club Sisters

September 26, 1935
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner column including a coupon for Quilt Show entries, a coupon for Quilt Club membership, and letters from Quilt Club members.
(clipping cut-off)...when she finds out how many new friends are writing to her and asking me for the patches she cut for them it won't take her long to get well.

She simply has to get better by Sunday for then you will see her in the paper doing a little work in spite of her reputation for laziness. She is starting to check in some of those who are bringing in their quilts for entrance in the quilt show.

She is Very Small
Just to show you how very little Lazy Daisy is, just see what she is using for a table-a spool of thread. The patch which Lazy Daisy has cut for you will make several patches for the Lenox Plate, or two or three for the Dresden Plate. She has really been very generous in cutting her materials and there are many different colors and patterns. Don't you want to have Lazy Daisy give you a patch for one of your quilts?

The next time you send for a leaflet just ask for the patch she has left for you or if you prefer, you may call for it at The Detroit News Public Service Bureau in the main building of The Detroit News, Second and Lafayette or in either of the other Service Bureaus in the Majestic or General Motors Building.

From Quilt Club Sisters
Dear Miss Crumb: Just a few more weeks and then the big show. We wonder if everyone is having as good a time getting ready for it as we are. Yesterday we put the last stiches in our Laurel Wreath top and in a few days we will leave for Algonac and start out quilt again. The doors will be closed until we come out with the finished quilt. A pieced top is in the making and we hope to have it redy for the show, too.

We don't see how anyone has time for anything now but quilts. We met so many lovely people last year and hope to meet many more this time and let us say here that we will have patches for anyone who would like them. We must tell you a little secret. When we were quilting the Rose Medallion I missed my sister Mrs. Galton one day and finally found her lying on the floor under the frames looking up at the stitches on the back of the quilt.

She certainly was going to make sure that our stitches were all right underneath as well as on top.
Here's hoping this is the biggest and best show yet and don't forget Miss Crumb- be sure to get in touch with the weather man and tell him we must have fair weather for those three days so those out of town folks can get here. You know it would not be a quilt show without "Gran" Come on everybody let's make our best quilts this year.

Mrs. Emmons Galton
Mrs. Arthur Fisher

You never saw anything like the ways these sisters make quilts. When they decide to make a quilt they concentrate on it and nothing else counts until it is finished. I don't know how many they will have to enter-three at least- A Rose Medallion that they mentioned and I don't know what the other one is.

After all, the wrong side of the quilt is very important. I always look at both sides carefully and if the wrong sides look as well as the right side there is no doubt about its attractiveness or good workman ship.
As for the weather we are all doing all we can to get first quality sunshine for those three days and ig you have any influence I hope that you will do something about it.

About Neighborhood Club
Dear Miss Crumb and Beatrice: I have been so busy canning but always listen to your broadcast. Mrs. Mohn and I have not started our neighborhood club yet but I would like to do this the first of next month when the canning season is over. I know of six ladies who want to join and I think that Mrs. Mohn's name a nice one for out quilt club. I want to come to the quilt show this fall if I can. I have seen all so far. I am going to make the Laurel Wreath this winter.

Mrs. Susie Spaulding
202 Cook Ct., Durand, Mich.

I hope that you get your quilt club started soon, for I know you will have lots of fun at your gatherings with your pot luck lunches and exchange of patches.
The Laurel Wreath which you intend to make is a very lovely one. When you see quilts made from this pattern at the show, I know you will be glad you decided to make it.

Quilt Entry Coupon
(Disregard this coupon if you have received an entry card through the mail)
Quilt Club Corner Editor
The Detroit News, Detroit, Michigan.
I am planning to make entries as follows in The Detroit news Quilt Show to be held October 18,19, and 20. (Please state here how many of each):

_____Quilts and Tops from News patterns
_____from longest distance
_____made by a child
_____to compete for prize for largest number of pieces
_____Antique quilts and antique tops
_____Crocheted spreads
_____knitted spreads
_____Wool Afghans and
_____hand woven coverlets

I understand that my articles must be at the main officer of The Detroit News, Second and Lafayette boulevards, no earlier than October 1 nor later than October 12.

Beauty in the Home Editor:
Please enter my name as a member of the Beauty in the Home Quilt Club.

Street and number……………

Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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