Quilt Club Announces Christmas Grab bag

December 10, 1938
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A portion of a Quilt Club Corner Column including a list of Cornerites' Birthdays.
Quilt Club Announces Christmas Grab bag
By Edith B. Crumb

At yesterday's Quilt Club Corner meeting our annual important question was decided- when to have our Christmas grab bad. We couldn't possibly consider doing without this and in order that every one may attend the date is set for next Friday afternoon, December 16.

This means that members should bring a little gift for the grab bag and it must not cost more than 10 c. Perhaps you have some material about the house from which you can make some little article which will cost nothing. This will be our third Christmas grab bag and I know that everybody is looking forward to it. Mrs. Strobilius has promised to sing us a song, and I hope that Mrs. Belle Hardy will round up her talent and have something ready for us.

Yesterday Mrs. Louis Brichta brought a candy treat for everyone to celebrate her joining the Quilt Club corner for it was just a year ago that she became a member.

Mrs. Lena Seles brought an appliqued block of an Hungarian peasant boy to be used with the Hungarian first peasant block which Mrs. Mary Gasperik of Chicago designed. Mrs. Bella Ware and Mrs. Seles have both copied the little girl and Mrs. Leontine Hardy is also going to make one like it.

Mrs. William Kirschaum was busy working on a quilt which she started after the first Detroit News quilt show. It is the Lucky Four Leaf Clover design and it is only one of several which Mrs. Kirschbaum has to finish. Every time she sees a quilt that is new she wants to copy it and starts it so now she has several to work on this winter.

Mrs. William Henry Blair stopped in for a few minutes and brought a friend of 20 years standing with her- Mrs. Jimmie Bleach. 978 W. Warren avenue.

Mrs. Douglas Thoms, 1272 Nardin avenue, joined the Club yesterday and is very busy putting a Drunkards Path together. It is in apricot and white and perhaps she will have it finished for the next quilt show.

Mrs. Marian Ridler must have been too tired after the Carillon Bazaar to come yesterday. We missed her and hope that she will be with us next week.

Next Thursday the Ladies Air of Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tireman and Burnette avenues, plan to hold a quilt show and baked goods sale. There will be ribbon awards for the quilts and all who wish to enter are requested to have their quilts at the church the night before (that is Wednesday December 15). They have to start arranging and hanging them on Thursday morning early as they are to be judged before the doors open at 1:30 p. m.

This promises to be a good show and Mrs. Emma Krause who is the chairman is working very hard to make it a success. The exhibit will be open until 8 p. m.

A card has been received from Mrs. Fred Cowper, 1154 White st., Lincoln Park, telling us that little Ruth was bitten by a dog and has been in the hospital for a week. She is home now but needs a bit of cheering up, so do send her some gay little cards. We hope it won't be long before she is able to come to the meetings again with her mother.

Cornerites Birthdays
Dec. 15, Mrs. Ethel Lawson, 17601 Prest ave., Detroit.
Dec. 13, Mrs. Eleanor Docherty, 4326 Coplin ave., Detroit.
Dec. 15, Mrs. Allie Johnson, 13941 Farmington rd., Plymouth, Mich.
Dec. 17, Mrs. John Pfeifer, 14141 Winthrop ave., Detroit.
Dec. 17, Mrs. Frank J. Molitz, 243 E Buena ave., Highland Park.
Dec. 18, Mrs. W. K. Poland, 7837 Whittaker ave., Detroit.
Dec. 18, Mrs. J. J. Landmann, 15910 Warwick rd., Rosedale Park, Mich.
Dec. 19, Mrs. Fern Diel, 7169 Linsdale ave., Detroit.
Dec. 20, Mrs. Margaret Mowatt, 9331 Hartwell ave., Detroit.
Dec. 20, Mrs. Norman Bilkovsky, 2255 Avondale ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Dec. 21, Mrs. James Davis,.... (clipping cut-off).

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