Cornerites Have Chatty Reunion

November 9, 1940
Detroit News Quilt History Project; Michigan State University Museum; Susan Salser
Detroit, Michigan, United States
A Quilt Quilt Club Corner column describing a meeting after a three week break.
Cornerites Have Chatty Renunion

By Edith B. Crumb

Yesterday afternoon the Quilt Club Corner members came back to the first meeting after a three weeks vacation and there was a great deal of chatting about what went on during that time.

Mrs. Mary Sorensen went to Chicago for a visit and while there called on our friend, Mrs. Mary Gasperik, 9314 Cottage Grove avenue. She and Mrs. Gasperik has a most enjoyable time talking over patterns, patches and quilt shows.

Mrs. Gasperik has already started her quilt for the next Detroit News show and even though Mrs. Sorensen knows what it is she won't tell me a single thing about it for she promised that she would keep it a secret.

Mrs. Leah White made a quilt from start to finish, even to every stitch of quilting and binding, during the vacation and now she has started another one.

Mrs. Edw. C. Schaub and Mrs. Harry Patterson went out to see Mrs. Myrtle Lange and her friends. They spent the entire afternoon showing quilt patterns, giving out patches and doing a general good job of cheering up in the unique Schaub-Patterson way. They are going again soon.

The women in this ward at Eloise are working hard and if you have any colored embroidery thread or crochet cotton that you will not have any use for, they would be grateful if you would send it out to them. Just address it to Mrs. Myrtle Lang, Ward 202, Building "A".

By the way, Mr. Schaub and Mr. Patterson went along with their wives and Mr. Schaub brightened the afternoon by playing some lively tunes on the piano.

Mrs. Anne Zumbro is busy driving her car for the American Red Cross. She delivers materials, picks up articles and also helps with sewing. Right now she is knitting a sweater of Royal Air Force blue for the Red Cross.

Mrs. Belle Hardy is just as busy as she can be dressing five dolls for the Goodfellows Christmas distribution. She found these dolls waiting for her on her return from a vacation in Ohio and she started right out to do her best to make five little girls happy.

Mrs. Marian Ridler, who is Chairman No. 13 for the Nancy's Belles' Bazar which is to be held December 2 and 3 at the Arcadia Ball Room, is anxious to have you bring anything you have which is salable in her booth.

She suggests dresser scarves, hot pan holders, tea towels, etc. and is especially interested in quilts for dolls' beds.

Mrs. Gabriel Baecheroot has a treat for you. She sent to Pennsylvania for some old fashioned quilt prints and has donated some to the Quilt Club Corner. So the next time we prepare the mystery envelopes some of these will be tucked in for you. I know they will be very pleasing and they fit into the old fashioned quilts beautifully.

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November 16 - Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lucking, 271 Marston court.
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​Courtesy of The Detroit News Archives.

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