Dear Mrs. Gasperik:

August 19, 1966
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Springfield, Illinois, United States
A request for a finished quilt.
August 19, 1966
Mrs. Mary M. Gasperik
1411 W. 17th Street
East Hazel Crest, Illinois

Subject: Appliqued Quilt
Premium #14001 at the
Illinois State Fair

Dear Mrs. Gasperik:
First of all, Congratulations on being the blue-ribbon-winner.

This was truly a masterful work of art – not only the applique and the crewel embroidery, but the quilting, itself, was of such pattern that this quilt was unique.

I am writing to inquire, if this quilt can be ordered up or does one have to do all of the work. I can imagine it would cost an exorbitant amount of money, but it is worth it, I am sure, when I stop to think of the time consumed to turn out the finished product.

I would appreciate hearing from you, if at all possible, concerning this matter, and thank you for your time.

Miss Loretta Jones
1501 ½ East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, Illinois

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