September 20, 1966
Mary Gasperik Legacy Project; Susan Salser
Springfield, Illinois, United States
A return letter to Mary Gasperik.
Springfield, Ill.
Sept. 20, 1966
Dear Mary,

I was so glad to hear from you, but disappointed about the quilt.

I wonder if you have the pattern number, if by any chance I could get the pattern.

I don’t have to much time to make quilts as I market research work but love to make them, and I’m looking forward to the time when I can have time for fancy work.

My mother-in-law used to make quilts + quilt that is how I got started, she was from Germany.

My mother died when I was 2 ½ yrs. and a cousin raised me, she didn’t do fancy work so didn’t learn much when I was young.

Now I’m 56 years old and I lost my foster Mother in May.

Where is Hazelcrest, maybe some day I could drive down and see your quilts and meet you, you do beautiful work for some one your age the quilting was beautiful would like to see your patterns I’m wild about things used years back, I’m always looking for something old (never much luck tho).

Thank you for answering my letter.
Mrs. Edith Sembell
2425 So. 8th
Springfield, Ill

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